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Where is the real

Mt. Sinai?

Where did Moses cross the Red Sea?

These are modern discoveries by Ron Wyatt and Bob Cornuke (in separate expeditions) and briefly explained here by Ken Walker, who drew the map showing where the Red Sea Crossing took place.  Biblical archeology can reveal much and this is an example of the truth of the Bible, in this case about things that happened 3500 years ago.

For believers, this is exciting because it offers tangible proof of the Biblical record in the book of Exodus.  For those who do not know the Bible and what it says, through mischance of unbelief, it may initiate interest in that what God says in the Word of God, the Bible, is true.  This one truth may be the beginning of the new life that is possible through knowing Jesus Christ.

This is an update on a small piece of research done by the writer using the information provided by Ron Wyatt and BobCornuke, both of whom make claims to finding the real Mt. Sinai and a location where Moses crossed the Red Sea during the Exodus of The Children of Israel from Egypt about 1462 B.C. 

The background to this is that the traditional Mt. Sinai - the place visited by pilgrims to historic sites - is in the Southern area of the Sinai Peninsula, West of the Gulf of Aqabah which forms a part of the Red Sea. In the late 1970's Ron Wyatt an American explorer, apparently went to Arabia - which is East of the Gulf of Aqabah - in Arabia - and noticed that the mountain calledJabel El Lawz had a number physical characteristics which were similar to that described in the Bible as Mt. Sinai.

The main feature was the blackened top of the mountain, which he says aligns with Exodus where God came down to Moses to give him the Ten Commandments in smoke and fire. The photos of this site are real and very impressive. (seeing the photographs led one of my 13 year old Bible Study wide-eyed students to gasp - "Mr Walker - God must be real!")  Checking it out further he decided that this was the real Mt.Sinai. For details of these findings Google Ron Wyatt or use the links below.   Supporting the argument for the real Mt. Sinai being in Arabia is Galations 5:20 where Paul points out that Mt. Sinai is in Arabia. 

About 15 years ago, Bob Cornuke and Larry Williams "found" this same Mt.Sinai - Jabel El Lawz - in Arabia, where Paul says it was located. Cornuke and Williams said they used the Bible as a road map following the description given in Exodus, travelling up from the Strait of Tiran where they believe the crossing was made from the Sinai Peninsula. See details at Link Two below. 

Whilst Cornuke and Williams say that there is evidence for Moses crossing the Red Sea across the Strait of Tiran, Wyatt has another location some miles north, just above the middle of the Gulf of Aqabah - at Nurweiba.

I have been told ( in May 2001) that some of Ron Wyatt's maps were not quite accurate, primarily in respect of the depth of the water at Nuweibawhere the crossing is said to have taken place. Recent depth soundings suggest the water is deeper than suggested by Wyatt. However there are still many artifacts on the sea floor that would relate to the destruction of Pharoah's chariots. 

Because I was interested in finding out which one may be correct, I did some research of my own. This led me to a site where you can get your own map drawn ( do it yourself style ) of the shape of the sea floor anywhere around the world. All you do is plug the coordinates into the data base and the map draws on the screen before your eyes.

The resultant map for the Gulf of Aqabah is in the graphic shown here. Notice the pink area at 29 degrees, which extends east to west across the Gulf. The scale at the RHS of the graphic shows this pink area to be from 0 to 100 metres deep.


The main reason for showing this story (apart from its educational value) is to provide evidenc of the reality of God, through the physical evidence of His work in this world.  Please think about that and what it may mean for you in your life.


Direct links for more information on this topic

Link One - Wyatt's Site- http://www.wyattmuseum.com/red-sea-crossing.htm

Link Two- Cornuke's site- http://www.baseinstitute.org/

Link Three - Drawing a bathymetric map- http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/global/seltopo.html   (using this link is now far more complicated)





Wyatt's map shows the depths to be in this range. My investigation ( the above graphic ) therefore supports Wyatt's assertion that there is a sand bridge across the Gulf less than 100 metres deep. Notice also that the water depth in the Strait of Tiran at the southern end of the Gulf is nearer 600 metres deep, making it less likely that Moses crossed the Red Sea at this point, despite the projecting reefs which could could have linked linked Sinai with Arabia during the miracle of the Exodus crossing.

An critique on the new Mt Sinai location is given at another site - see Link five. I am more impressed by the evidence given by Wyatt and Cornuke concerning Mt. Sinai, although this critique makes interesting reading. 

Both Wyatt and Cornuke have pictures of all this on their sites. Notice the columns that Wyatt found on each side the the Gulf at the Nurweiba location. One of these columns had inscriptions mentioning Moses, Midian, Egypt, Pharoah and Yahweh ( God ). 
Wyatt also claims to have discovered Noah's Ark
 in Turkey. Cornukehas just announced he has also found Noah's Ark, on the mountains of Ararat, but not in Turkey. He will reveal details at a conference in August. Stay tuned for an update later in the year. Whilst you are visiting this site, take a look at some other parts of it - see links below.

What is the relevance of all this?

1.  Believers in Jesus Christ accept all the Bible says - by faith - without such proofs. However, it does help to find archaeological sites that are what the Bible says they are. If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ and the Bible, it may help you to realise the truth of these parts of scripture and eventually Jesus Christ. For example, if it can be clearly demonstrated that Noah's ark has been found, it makes the rest of the Bible harder to refute.

2.     Jesus Christ is returning Soon!  You need to know and read this – see link above

Link One - Wyatt's Sitehttp://www.wyattmuseum.com/red-sea-crossing.htm

Link TwoCornuke's sitehttp://www.baseinstitute.org/

Link 3 now not current 

Link Four - Drawing a bathymetric maphttp://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/global/seltopo.html   (using this link is now far more complicated)

Link Five - Critique of new Mt Sinai locationhttp://www.ldolphin.org/sinai.html


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