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Tom Stoppard in a publication called Jumpers, said,"Atheism is a sort of crutch for those who can't stand the reality of God.

J.B. Preistly said,"That God can stand being told by some people that He doesn't exist."

Mark Twain the humourist said," There were many things in the Bible which he could not understand, but what bothers him most were the things he could understand."

All these quotes came out of an article published in New Life Newspaper called The Bible in Society written by Peter Davis - Notes on the news from a Christian perspective.

I would like to add a couple of comments to help people who either know nothing of God and Bible or who are scared of it or think that Christians are judgemental when they try to get your interest in Christianity, as though non-believers are second class citizens. Although some Christians do act a bit like this, the real reason we want you to know about Jesus Christ and what He has done for you is this. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose

Real Christians who understand the Bible do not ever think we are better than you who do not believe - never! We simply want you to have something of the benefit that we actually experience in overall life, despite the fact that we too will fail at times in critical things - we are not perfect.

There is nothing to be afraid of in taking a look at good writings on the Christian faith and asking God to show you the meaning of it all for you in your life. You have nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain.

Biblical Prayers - No. 13


By the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ received by saving faith in him in all the Scriptures:

Lord Jesus, I praise you for your wonderful qualities of sobriety, vigilance, patience, stedfastness and watchfulness. Nobody took you by surprise. You never needed to retract one regrettable word. Men offered advice to you, but you did not need it. You tested everything by your understanding of your Father's best for you.

Lord, lest I fall into temptation, I choose to watch and pray at all times.

By grace, let the fruit of the Holy Spirit be seen in me in the display of these same virtues. Though sobriety and vigilance, when my adversary the devil tries to devour me, let me resist him stedfastly in the faith, knowing that such afflictions are common in his world.

Lord, if I count myself as an older person to be a leader among your people, let me be sober, vigilant, of good behaviour, caring for all good people. Let me be grace, temperate, full of faith and love, gracious, temperate and patient. Let the helmet of the hope of salvation guard my mind against the temptation to act precipitately when I am stressed in some way.

I know that adversity comes, but I ask you to help me to possess my soul in patience when it comes, looking for your deliverance in the fullness of time. When patience and longsuffering have their perfect work, I will enter into your joyfulness and consolation with thanksgiving.

Lord, if I count myself to be a spiritual leader, help me to watch for the souls of men. Use me to speak for yourself to those who need you, whether for salvation from sin or for the word in season which leads to life and godliness.

Lord Jesus, you are the God of all comfort, and I praise you for this. By your grace, it undergirds my vigilance and patience in this present world while I wait for your return.

Biblical Prayers - No. 11


By the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ received by saving faith in him in all the Scriptures:

Lord Jesus, I praise you because you have all power over Satan and his demons. You defeated them utterly at Calvary's cross. You triumphed over them in their own realm of the air of our world, when you ascended into heaven after you arose from among the dead. You are the mighty Victor indeed. At Calvary the prince of this world was cast out, making it possible for you to draw all men to yourself.

Lord, you defeated Satan effortlessly when you were on Earth when he tempted you in the wilderness. Help me to use your Word as you did yourself, in an apt and telling way, to defeat his temptation exactly. Help me in order that the evil attacker may leave me, as he left you. Many times the god of this age came against you, but found no acquiescence in you.

Lord, you spoke of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged. You saw Satan cast out of heaven like lightning when he fell, and his angelic followers with him. You rebuked him when he came against you in your own disciples, and they learned by which spirit they were moved. Help me to see clearly when evil threatens, and never give consent to it inside myself, as you gave no consent either.

Lord, make your people conscious of demonic tactics. Deliver us from deceit. Help us to try all spirits of whatever kind, by comparing their proposals against the plain teachings of your Word. Help us to test all teaching, and hold onto what we find is good. Thank you that he that is in us is greater than he that is in the the world.

Lord, all power and glory is yours, and in spiritual warfare it is available to us too. You must reign, until all enemies fall under your feet. Principalities and powers are subject unto you. In these things you are worthy of all praise, honour and adoration, and these I delight to give to you again today.

Biblical Prayers - No. 12


By the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ received by saving faith in him in all the Scriptures:

Lord Jesus, you are the Creator of this vast and magnificent universe which we see all around us. You made the beautiful planet on which we life, with all its beauties of earth, sea and sky. You have provided a perfect habitation of mankind, and given us all the other living creatures to sustain us, befriend us and entertain us.

Lord, you have infinite riches. Poetically expressed, the cattle on a thousand hills belong to you. Far more than these, the treasures of heaven are yours. You are well able, in answer to prayer which lays hold upon you by faith, to supply all our needs according to your riches in glory. Your word declares that you will never forsake the righteous, nor allow his family to lack for bread.

Lord, thank you for the privilege of giving to others. I delight to do this, not as a way of manipulating you, but as a way of responding to your provision for me. I praise you that it is your plan that your people lack nothing. Whether I have much or little, by your grace I am content, having learned to cope graciously with whatever state I am in.

Lord, help me to value riches truly. My true riches are not physical, but are preserved in glory through yourself. Your plan is to display your glory and beauty eternally in the setting of the church to the assembled powers of the universe, declaring your manifest riches through your people.

Lord, your infinite riches honour you. Your use of them to bring blessing to mankind testifies to your wonderful love. All praise and adoration be to you for the provision of our every need, physical, emotional or spiritual.

Biblical Prayers - No. 10


By the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ received by saving faith in him in all the Scriptures:

Lord Jesus, I praise you because you have the quality of perfect freedom. You use it always and at all times to do what is right and to say what is true. And I praise you because I know that it is your plan to make me perfectly free also. Help me to use my freedom as you do, without sin. I cannot succeed in this without you. I simply cannot do it on my own.

Thank you for your wonderful ways. In your Word you give me all the resources I need. Its teaching makes it possible for me to relate to you, which is what I choose. When you make me free, then I am free indeed. By your grace I will use my freedom to decide to do what you want me to do, and to say what you want me to say.

I realise that to choose my own way can only reduce my freedom, and the freedom of others. Wilfulness brings me into bondage to sin, Satan and evil. Help me to see that wrongdoing makes me its slave, no matter what the illusion of freedom may be. I praise you that your service is perfect freedom, because it gives me choice. Gladly do I choose to follow you, because your way is always best. I freely give you my total allegiance, because you are in all ways worthy of it.

Lord, please help me to understand the wonderful way of freedom in an age when it is greatly misunderstood. Help me to help others to see that their insistence on their own choices and their own rights apart from you, can only result in restraints on us all. Help me to help them achieve freedom from above. Free your people so that we all may free each other.

Lord, I marvel at the paradox of divine freedom. Your freedom permitted perfection. The wonder of it magnifies the glory and beauty of your wisdom and grace to me.