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First, we wish to express our sadness toward the families of victims of all earthquakes, but especially towards the people of New Zealand and Japan who have suffered unimaginable loss in recent times.

After all, the frequency rate of earthquakes has increased dramatically over the last few years and the effects of these earthquakes and tsunami’s has been catastrophic. Why so?


What is going on in our world?

There is so much is going on in the world it is hard to know what it all means. And still more difficult are the questions of “When will it end”? “Is there more to come, or not”?
However, since 2009, The Soon Team has written a number of explanations as to what is going on in the world and what is behind most of the alarming events and what these events mean for the future of the world and every person in this wonderful world. We have written “What’s Wrong with the World and what we can do about it” (Parts 1 and 2) and “The Trap of Life” These are to be found on this site.

Q1 Rather suddenly, (over the last few years) we seem to be getting really bad earthquakes in many places in the world. It’s all very scary. Is there anything going on in the world that we don’t know about? Are there some unknown factors that are causing these horrific events to occur?

A Yes, there are many more earthquakes around the world in recent times. Yes this is really scary, and yes there is something going on in the world and whilst it is unknown to many people, it is also known by many people.

Screenshot 1

You can see the increase – particularly from the period 1994 - 2006 – earthquakes have almost tripled.

But look now at major cataclysmic events of increasing intensity over the last 10 years from 2001 (earthquakes, tsunami’s, floods and wildfires)

• 2004 – Earthquake and huge Tsunami in Indian Ocean affecting Indonesia, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka (9.3 on Richter)
• 2006 - Earthquake in Indonesia (5.9 on Richter)
• 2008 - Earthquake in China (7.9 on Richter)
• 2010 – Earthquake in Haiti (7.0 on Richter)
• 2011 January – Earthquake in Chile (7.1 on Richter)
• 2011 January – Earthquake in Argentina (7.0 on Richter)
• 2011 January – Earthquake on Loyalty Islands (7.0 on Richter)
• 2011 January – Earthquake in Pakistan (7.2 on Richter)
• 2011 February – Cyclone Yasi devastated two thirds of the State of Queensland in Australia.

The volume of water was so huge that it flowed south to flood all of
Western Victoria with huge losses of property
• 2011 February – Earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand (7.0 on Richter)
• 2011 March 10 – Earthquake in Bali Sea (Richter 6.5)
• 2011 March 9 – Earthquake in Honshu, Japan (7.2 on Richter)
• 2011 March 11– Earthquake in Japan (8.9 on Richter) The resultant tsunami
devastated northern Japan and caused neuclear reactors to explode
• 2011 March 17 – Earthquake in Vanuatu (6.3 on Richter)

For a list of all the major earthquakes since January 1st 2011 to March 19th 2011 (at the time of writing this article), read the list at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earthquakes_in_2011 

So, you can clearly see that there is a major increase in earthquakes, both over the longer term since 1994 and especially this year of 2011

Q3 O.K, so the number of earthquakes has increased. But so what? Perhaps that isn’t all that unusual. Mother Nature does some strange things.

A At this point you need to know that there is an explanation for the increase in earthquakes and other difficulties in the world. The reasons for these things have been known since Jesus was on the earth, which is now (in 2011) 1982 years ago since His death and resurrection in or about 29 A.D. These writings have been available more and more freely since the invention of the Caxton Printing press in the 15th century. The 20th century saw and explosion of the availability of The Holy Bible where these things are written about. The Bible is still the biggest selling book in the world (see http://www.soon.org.uk/page19.htm)

The disciples of Jesus were asking Him “what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?”

Here is what He said: And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.” (from Matthew 24:3-8) If you want to look up some Bible software, this link is a good one to read http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+24&version=NKJV

Notice we have underlined “and earthquakes in various places.” The increase in earthquakes is generally accepted by Bible scholars and believers alike to be a SIGN of the second coming of Jesus Christ to the earth for a second time.

Q4 There are too many things to digest all at once. Can you take them one at a time? What is this second coming of Jesus Christ?

A Jesus Christ was born onto this earth for just a few main reasons. He was born so that at the age of about 33 He was crucified in order to pay the penalty for all the sins of the world. By dying on our behalf, He made it possible for everyone who believes to be saved from eternal damnation and go to heaven when they die. That was the purpose in His coming. During His time teaching on the earth, He always promised that He would come again, this time to take charge of the whole earth and to rid evil from it. So He will come and the increase in earthquakes is a sign that it may be soon. (these are deep things and so at the end of these questions and answers, there will be references provided to give more detail to those who want it)

Q5 What does the term, end of the age mean? Is that the end of the world as some people think it will happen?

A The Bible reveals the whole timetable that God has planned for the earth. The end of the world is not an event where everything just vanishes into thin air. However, the end of the age is a very real thing. The end of the age is when Christ returns to earth to bring in a new period on earth, called the Millennium, which is a period of 1000 years where Jesus Christ will rule the earth. More on these things later.

Q6 So the earthquakes and other catastrophic events are one of the signs that Jesus Christ is going to return to earth soon.

A Yes that‘s right. The other signs are wars, famine and pestilences, all of which have been evident for many years.

Q7 But hang on a bit! There have always been earthquakes in the world. Why are these any different?

A If you look back over history, there has been a major increase in earthquakes. For example take the period of almost 150 years from 1863 – from

Screenshot 2

Q8 O.K. but how do we know any of this is true. Anyone can say these things. Why should I rely on these things Jesus said? What are the chances of all this being true and actually happening?

A We know these events will come about, because of the predictive accuracy of many other biblical prophecies. (a prophecy is just a prediction based on the truth of biblical writings over the centuries) For example, we are aware that there are approximately 737 major prophecies in the Bible. Of these, only 18 have yet to be fulfilled. That means that 719 of them have actually happened.

Jack Wellman has written this. “The actual mathematical probability that Jesus Christ could have fulfilled even eight prophecies would still be a mind boggling 1 in 1017 of a chance! Put another way, it’s 10 to the 157th power. That's 1 in 100, 000, 000, 000, 000, and 000.” This illustrates why it is absolutely impossible for anyone to have fulfilled the Messianic prophecies solely by chance.

Read more: http://www.bukisa.com/articles/213402_what-are-the-odds-of-jesus-700-biblical-prophecies-fulfillment#ixzz1H1NwXYud

For further detail see http://www.bukisa.com/articles/213402_what-are-the-odds-of-jesus-700-biblical-prophecies-fulfillment 

(Our suggestion is that you keep reading the main text, to get the whole picture, then go back and read the details of these things) So there is no doubt at all that Jesus Christ will return to this earth, sooner rather than later. More detail about timing later.

Q9 So if I accept all you are saying here is true, perhaps I should now be asking when all this is going to happen.

A Yes, that is a good question. However, Jesus said in a number of places that His coming was only known to God and that He would come “as a thief in the night, when we least expected Him”. So, although myriads of people have tried to work it out (they are called Date Setters) it cannot be known ahead of time exactly when these things will take place.

Q10 But that’s now fair! God needs to tell us when all this is going to happen – so we can be ready.

A Being ready is the exact point – being ready at any time that is. God’s time to be ready is always now. Also, God wants the best for all people and hopes they will see things His way. Moreover, God would say that the sooner we all choose Him the more assured we are of living under His guidance.

Q11 That does make some sense. If we cannot know when and we take notice of the signs, then being ready sounds right. But what if I don’t accept all you say. What will happen to me when all this happens?

A Well, that’s a long story and we will refer you to some reading which explains that in full, so there can be no doubt in your mind. The short simple answer to your question is that in the times approaching the second coming of Jesus Christ and the times soon after, there will be a separation of the peoples of the earth. That separation is based on whether or not you have believed in Jesus Christ before He comes again. In other words all this has eternal consequences, both before and after death. You may now know about that. When you read the material we will provide, please look at it closely.

Q12 O.K. But let’s say I choose to ignore the Bible evidence of which you speak? What other evidence is there that might help me understand all this huge change of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ you mention here? Are there any other more natural earthly things that are of significance?

A Yes there are many that are quite obvious – things that if they continue as they are will cause chaos or devastation or death. Consider just a few.

• Further increases in the effects of climate change will eventually make the world unliveable.
• The financial instability of the world is shakier than it has ever been.
• Food and some natural resources are becoming less available. Basic necessities of life will become more scarce.
• The exponential growth (this means growth at an increasing rate – the curve of the graph becomes more vertical) of world population has led to a situation where the world will not be able to support normal life.
• The political and social systems of the world are now quite unmanageable.

As all of these factors occur in a common time sequence, the world will not be able to operate. Perhaps that is when Jesus Christ will come to correct what is wrong and establish a new millennium built on different principles. Fortunately, God has always known these things would come about and has a plan to overcome them. It is a unique and very special plan. The beginning of it was the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ and the next stage is His second coming, which will change everything.

Q12 Yes, I can see that if all these things were to happen together then life as we know it would be extremely difficult, perhaps even impossible. But so what? I have to die sometime, one way or another, so I don’t see much difference. You seemed to imply earlier that there is some difference. You seemed to imply earlier that there is some difference. Could you explain that please?

A Of course! However, this is only a short answer to a long question. At the end of this short introduction, there is complete and adequate information for you to read. The main one of these is a booklet calledSoon! It has in it, everything you need to know. The short answer to your question is this: God has so organized life, that our souls (intellect, emotions and our will ) that it is possible for each and every human being to go to heaven and be with Him forever. However, there is one condition and that is that you know Jesus Christ, the Son of God as your Saviour and that He died for the sins of every person in the world. By doing what God requires of you, (before your death and before His Second Coming) you are given eternal life. Although that might seem strange, particularly if this is the first time you are hearing this good news, then don’t be too concerned. It has been in the Holy Bible for 2000 years and will be fully explained in every detail inSoon! You will be able to read that whenever you choose.

Q13 O.K. However, there are lots of other questions that run around in my mind. There are lots of things about life I don’t understand. Creation and evolution is one, and another is “Why would God allow or bring about such suffering prior to the return of Jesus Christ?”

A That’s fine! All those and other questions are examined and answered in Soon! and other articles that will be available to you. You have learnt one very important thing – the increase in earthquakes is a definite sign that the return of Jesus Christ, called His Second Coming, is becoming quite close – and the most vital thing is – we all need to be ready BEFORE His Second Coming.

Thanks for your patience in reading this. Please show it to your friends and family

Here are your options for further reading.

Soon!is available on this site (it is listed there along with other things) After the first few pages, you will given a few options. Probably the best option is to download the singles file which contains the whole message of Soon! It is a full statement of all you need to know. Because it is complete it will take a little more than three hours to read. But you will eventually see that it is the best investment in time you could make, for your life and the life of your family. 

Further options are:


1 For information on Creation see http://www.allaboutcreation.org/  and http://www.answersingenesis.org/  (However,Soon! provides simple explanations)

2 If you don’t know much about God or His Word, the Bible, there a plenty of places on this site - just search for them

3 If you are already a believer in Jesus Christ and want more teaching on what is possible in the Christian life, then search on this site

4 For other useful links on the second coming of Jesus Christ, then search on this site

Who wrote Soon! and these other articles? The Soon! Team, who wrote all these things, are a group of Christians who got together to writeSoon!for the benefit of people around the world who have not had the opportunity to know about or learn these things about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and all that means to every individual in the world. You are one of those. You will find that in readingSoon! most of your questions will be answered. However, theSoon Team email is soonteam @tpg.com.au Please leave out the space before the @ to make the email effective. We can answer a limited number of emails, providing we don’t get overrun.