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What's wrong with this world?


In Part one of “What’s Wrong with the World and what can we do about it?” we discussed man’s relationship to God, either a lack of it at all, or a faulty understanding of it by some. This second
part can be read with some benefit, whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not, or whether you have read the Bible or not, or whether you have some other form of belief system. It takes just 15 minutes for a basic read. Thinking on it all will take longer.


But let’s ask the question again.

Q. What’s wrong with the world and what can be done about it?

A. Most people are really unaware of what they need to know or should be doing in this world. And unawareness is simply not knowing what they should know, or even that there is something to know. So confusion and uncertainty reigns.

Q. So are you saying we don’t know the game plan for life and we just go on somewhat blinded? And why is there that confusion? I mean, well, man is an intelligent being and mostly quite clever.

A. That’s right! We don’t’ know the game plan, so we go on and do the best we can. But ask around a bit and observe life and you will find that man’s intelligence does not get him the satisfaction he really seeks, so he goes on in the best intelligent way that he can, but because of a deep unexpressed need, deep down he remains confused about his purpose in life.

Q. Yes I know the feeling well. But what’s wrong with using my intellect in the best way that I can? What else can I do? Life’s too short to muck around.

A. First, all that is going to be written here is based on the fact that God created the world, and everything in it, including human beings. (Now a necessary diversion for a moment. We did not arrive out of some primordial soup and grow from simply creatures into human beings. Each living organism, including humans were created with distinctive DNA and reproduce only after their own kind. Now if you don’t believe that man was created, then you can’t understand the rest of the story. I well know that the world’s media presents evolution as the way we arrived on earth – and I am not going to argue that issue right here. You can research that for yourself at sites like http://www.answersingenesis.org/ You may be convinced or you may not, but your life depends on getting some extra knowledge. I used to teach 12 year olds (120 each year) comparing evolution and creation. It took me 5 class periods to do so. After that, two thirds of students believed that God created and the others weren’t sure. Those that saw that creation was true were able to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ – others could not. I can assure you it is worthwhile, as you cannot understand God properly until you know who created the world and everything in it)  But I suggest you leave that until you have read the rest of this article.

If you can accept that God created all things, or at least for the moment, hold up that possibility, then we can go on. When God created man He created him with a body of flesh, that had a soul (intellect, emotions etc). But God also provided for communication with man by what He called a spirit. God had intended that His Spirit would rule over the rest of us and we would follow what He  said to do. So commonly, we use our intellect and do the best we can (and most of us do very well that way – for a while - we invent things and make life better in physical ways. However, God never intended that our intellect should rule everything. However, there is a problem. Every child born since Adam was created wave been born spiritually dead and therefore without connection to God, and although it’s a long story, God made it possible for this spiritual connection to be restored by the coming of Jesus Christ and all He did whilst on earth – but in particular that He died and was resurrected, acts which made it possible for any man to have his relationship with God restored. You can learn more about these things by reading parts of Escape into Life on this site.  But do that later. Best to read this first.

Q. So what has all that got to do with me right now?

A. That is easily answered and is REALLY important. If you are not connected with God by His Spirit, then you won’t know the best way to live your life, because all you have is your intellect, which can never fully know the best way to live, even when we think we do. And that is why the use of intellect on its own just ultimately leads to confusion and does not fill that yearning every person has for deep meaning in their life. (Some refer to that as a vacuum that can only be filled by God) Everyone, but everyone needs God, if we are to function as He intended! Do you get the picture? You could search on the internet for “How to know God” but first, go on to complete this article. There will be a few links to consider at the end. Are you starting to get the picture?

Q. Well, sort of. Is there anything else I need to know?

A. Yes, there is one related matter that also affects your relationship with God. Let’s suppose for a moment that you do actually get to have the connection restored with God so that you and He can communicate via your human spirit – in other words you have become a Christian. Most Christians then have to learn to let God control their lives through His Spirit.

Q. O.K. that seems reasonable - so what’s the problem? One would think it would be easy enough.

A. Well, it is easy, but takes quite a while to learn. And the reason is simple. Even though we may want God to rule our lives, we may still want to do so ourselves. And the problem is that we don’t seem to realize that we are fighting against God.

Q. Well, why does that happen? Men and women aren’t stupid you know!

A. The essence of the problem is that God does not fully give His life to us, until we fully give our lives to Him. It is done slowly and progressively. So God puts us through a sort of sifting process where He gradually teaches us what He wants and what we need to give up. E.g He would never allow us to continue to be a perpetual thief or killer or sexual predator, because He would not be able to give us fully of His life until we desire to give up our wrong ways. Simple confession and turning away (a term called repentance in the Bible) is what He requires. So in part it’s up to us really – to cooperate with God in the way He wants to do things, and not continue in our way. As we progress in this, the matters He brings to our attention become more refined and subtle, requiring surrendering more and more of our life to Him. God always intended that we live that way and has made the necessary provisions for us. In short, that’s the deal. We need to get to know Him, and as we do so, we get to know ourselves.

Q. That all sounds a bit much! Is there any other spinoff for me?

A. Yes, the ultimate spinoff is that we get to go to heaven when we die. There is no other way for that to be achieved. But remember too, that you don’t have to rely on anyone or anything else but God in this process (although wise friends may help). There will still be some confusions, because we are human, but the NOW life and the LATER eternal life after death is certain. And always remember, that all this was made possible by the sacrifice of the life of Jesus, His resurrection 3 days later and His ascension to heaven to prepare a place for us. A word that means a lot to me, is the word SUBSTITUTION. We were the sinners, but Christ substituted His life for ours. Think about that!

Q. O.K. But I must say that I see some Christians that don’t seem to live that way. Do they have some extra problems you have not mentioned?

A. Yes. There are many issues in living as a believer, but God makes promises in the Bible that if we are prepared to look in His direction and throw our lot in with Him, He will guide us in how to live this life. Some believers still try to live out of the Old Testament Law given to Moses, and that is impossible. It’s often not their fault because they may not have been taught correctly. The correct way to view God’s Law is to see it as a measure by which you can check out your own life – and see your need for Jesus Christ) For me it took a long time to get a real appreciation of it – and I am still learning. It is a deep subject – look for a brief summary on this site. Perhaps leave until later.

Q. Is that all there is to life?

A. Not quite. Another aspect of the Christian life that seems to be hard to overcome, is that we seem to want to live as God wants by our own self effort. And that is not God’s way. We need to learn to live with the knowledge that the Spirit of God and the life of Jesus Christ is living within us. Both things are absolutely true, but do take quite a bit of work by God on and in your life, before that becomes known to you.

Q. That’ a lot to handle. How is it possible to learn these things? I really doubt if I can do it.

A. Everything is possible with God. The best way is to start doing something now….and just continue doing a little towards getting to know God. The rewards for you and your family are great, greater than you could ever realize right now. Just start reading and listening to good material, including the Bible itself….. And don’t forget, even though you may not think that God will listen to you, let me assure you that He does and will. Just believe that He hears your every word and knows your every thought, even though He may not make Himself known to you immediately……but He will. He knows those who are seeking Him and will meet you more than halfway. Personally, I have been through this whole process myself and know it to be true of many others.

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