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The Trap of Life


There is an answer to life – it’s just that it’s hidden from sight! Read on to find out more.

People in the world go about their daily lives, not knowing that most influences in the world are against them, even when it doesn’t seem like it. They do not realize that there are invisible forces stacked against them which are destined to bring them eventual failure in some or many aspects of life, even when year by year apparent successes bring degrees of human satisfaction.

Some people seem better off than others because of more fortunate family background, which has led to better or more opportunity. The remainder, by accident of birth or family misfortune, or just difficult circumstance of life, find life to be a constant never ending struggle and never really get any balance or real satisfaction in their lives, even into older age.

These in particular are the ones who get more knocks in all forms in life and are rarely clear-minded enough to stop and ask why this continues to happen. If they did, and attempted to look at the real and true origins of life, they might even begin to suspect that another form of life is possible. But mostly they do not or cannot, such is their life conditioning.

The world to them seems quite out of control and has its ways of hiding profound eternal truths that bring rest and contentment. Instead, every negative influence is arrayed against the mindset of common man. He is in a trap that he does not know exists and therefore cannot know there is an escape, or a way through. The strange thing is that whether the family circumstances seemed free or not, wealthy or not, fortuitous or not, healthy or not, all are in the same trap – and know it not! The only freedom they believe they have, the only life they recognize, is the one life they experience day by day. This is so, whether they love it or hate it.

It may seem an irony, but those who are worse off in terms of any or all of the variables of education, health, income or social stability, are often closer to realizing the nature of the trap and pressing against its walls to test for a way through, sometimes eventually finding it.

Those apparently better off by virtue of the human comforts of more money, social status, education and good health are mostly lapsed into a false state of security. Their senses may be dulled to such a degree, that their apparent comfort, which is really a false sense of security, just tightens the bonds that hide the light of truth which is veiled beneath the deception. This state allows a continuation of an existence that has nowhere to go. They feel defeated by life. The interesting part  of this is at some level they do seem to recognize this. Their minds might realized that they can run but they can’t hide, and so are immobilized.

People of both characterizations, unaware of a life that would otherwise invite them to freedom and truth, know nothing of even the possibility of such a life. Mostly, even when presented with such an idea, verbally or in print, would argue that no such thing could be possible. For them it is like a foreign language being thrust upon them. They must immediately reject the thought, because it is offensive and too uncomfortable to even consider that there could be another way. Readers might recognize themselves there.

In such cases, no connection between any new idea and their present condition is possible. There is no sudden point of illumination, thus making it more difficult for a new idea to be considered or take hold, even for a moment. Alternative thoughts to current life are like receiving a high voltage shock. Immediate rejection or running away is often the only response. Even when the idea of another or different string to the bow of life is presented, it is met with rejection. Moreover, even if lip service to the idea is given face to face, later rejection is almost certain.

Intellectual or reasonable approaches may score minor hits of influence where the receiver has felt the sting of his own best efforts being of little or little benefit to life. Where hopelessness has arrived, in spite of the continuing battles of life, this man, defeated and perplexed, is still not likely to change in his ways of battling against everything in life. However, the wiser among them may now be vulnerable to the concept of a new approach. The impossibilities of life can squeeze out an interest. Anything else but this life!!!

So, you might ask, when man has been gifted with great capability of mind and body, how can his life reach the point of either utter desperation, or perhaps even worse, the deception created by human success but does not bring contentment. There is nowhere to go! Sooner or later, the one deceived by the striving for human success will eventually reach the point of desperation as the years pass by. Again, readers might recognize this happening to them.

Why is this all so? Why this state of affairs in one’s life? There are two possible answers. One is related to what God once said to His prophet Hosea about His people, “My people perish through lack of knowledge.” It is the same today. People in the world are “perishing”, even whilst alive, they reach such a low point, through this same lack of knowledge.

People who are either confused or who have reached that point of quiet or extreme desperation in their lives will have a strong impulse to want to stop reading and run away at this point. This is due to the power of the world’s conditioning of our minds. But it is what we must resist if we are determined to change our lives. One of the wonders of life is how God deals with people and shows love, even when this love may go unrecognized by a desperate or confused person.

Nevertheless, the second reason is that a person’s low point in life is God’s opportunity, His meeting point at some time in the life of every person. God sees everything and just waits patiently until we get to this point. It is God’s gift in His loving extreme, whilst the person is in their lowest or most desperate point in all of life, whether for the first time or hundredth time. God rarely gives up on men, except where the rejection is blasphemous, terminal and complete. So, people perish through lack of knowledge, but incredibly it is at that point that God Himself will meet them and begin to supply their needs – if they begin to ask!

However, the earlier in life one has this realization, before the confusion becomes more profound, or the desperation worse, the easier it may be to make the transition. Some people seem to have opportunity to cross over more easily, even though it represents a change of greater magnitude than any other in life. It can be (but not always) traumatic, no matter what the state of darkness or disbelief that has enveloped the person in their fog of unknowing.

A very important thing to say right now is that this is never the person’s fault – it is simply that they have never had the opportunity to KNOW these things in concrete form. No blame can be attached to them or their lives, so guilt trips must not be taken. Just consider this an opportunity not to let pass.

At this point a reader could be asking, “So what is this knowledge that is apparently life changing and yet so hidden from the eyes and minds of mankind?” A warning first: As soon as I start to mention these, your conditioning from the world and media may begin to show. It really is a battle between what may be in your mind and what is true. So take care. A summary of this knowledge is:

  • God did create the world – despite all views to the contrary.
  • God is all powerful and all knowing and as the Bible says, the foolishness of God is wiser than men and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
  •  The world will not go on forever in its present form. The Bible says it is going to change. Previous world history can never guarantee its continuation.
  •  When Jesus came to earth 2000 years ago, it was then known that He would return a second time – to take charge of all things.
  •  God’s story is told in the Holy Bible. The Bible contains 738 predictions, only 18 of which are still to happen. The chances of the remainder of these not happening is nil.
  •  God is in charge of all things, even when it does not seem so.
  • There is a future for all people who believe, both in and beyond this life.

You as reader would be aware that it has become far more difficult to live in this world because of the bombardment of change over the last 100 years. A century of two world wars, along with multiple others, economic prosperity in the west and increasingly in the east, the rise of individualism, nationalism and now terrorism and finally the impact of mass media which conditions the minds of people to continue to perpetuate the idea that because God cannot be seen, He doesn’t exist, has meant that anything different from normal life is either rejected or treated with extreme suspicion. Moreover, imitations of the true God abound in thousands of forms, deceiving many people.

We have all experienced so much so fast that we are completely desensitized to change, and in fact are so mesmerized by it all that we are suspicious of nothing – and we tend to lose our way amongst what presents itself as life. Now if this makes your head spin and incites an inward scream of “that’s ridiculous!” and makes you want to tear up this writing, then that is just another indication of the powers within and without that would prevent you from giving any consideration at all to what you are reading here. Outright rejection and even anger is probably the first reaction, for such ideas are a total assault on one’s very being.

That condition is a demonstration of the power of social and cultural influence, the power of mass media and the difficulty of even entertaining the idea of changing one’s life. “I can’t think about that right now – “I have to go to work, attend to household duties, get some sleep for tomorrow etc.” The world’s economic systems make sure of that, forcing people to act like economic robots. Can you the reader see yourself tied up in all of that?

And, you would probably say to yourself, “Even if I had time to look at this, why would I bother? I simply can’t believe there is another way. There couldn’t be! And, if God is so powerful then why doesn’t He just change it all, change my thinking and make things different?”

Reader, these are the normal responses to God regarding how He could make a difference. But that is just how our minds work when we are trapped in a desperate or confused life. It reminds us of walking a treadmill, getting steeper and faster each year.

Remember, all this is no fault of yours. God has always had His reasons for doing things the way He does. God can do whatever He likes. Getting adjusted to these thoughts moves you onto the right side. No one wins against God. But He will help you win with Him.

Reader, these are the normal responses to God regarding how He could make a difference. But that is just how our minds work when we are trapped in a desperate or confused life. It reminds us of walking a treadmill, getting steeper and faster each year. Remember, all this is no fault of yours. God has always had His reasons for doing things the way He does. God can do whatever He likes. Getting adjusted to these thoughts moves you onto the right side. No one wins against God. But He will help you win with Him.


After your reflection, this is what we suggest:

First, accept that what I say here just could be true.
 Verbally thank God that you are alive in His world, and call on Him to help you. (if this seems too far out, or you think that God does not hear – know that He does and will – try Him out) He will respond in His own time, in His own way.

1  Take steps to find out more about the knowledge needed, that lack of which was severely limiting your life possibilities.

2  Ask a friend who knows something about these things. That is easily the best approach because friends can be trusted not to ridicule you.

3  Get on your own and talk about it to God as though He is your best friend. He does hear and will in His own way begin to respond to you – just wait and see over the coming weeks. You may feel foolish but so what! This is your life!

4  Listen to what God says – He does let you know in a variety of ways – the history of man attests to that. Be patient. Watch life begin to change.

  •  Go to a Christian bookshop and get some material to read.
  • Visit a church or two and see what they say about these things.
  • Use the internet wisely, watching out for any extreme nutters who make claims that might be outside what the Bible says.

The alternative to all this is to stay as you are. But think of the consequences of that given what you have read. Think of your family and children if you have any. Don’t stay conditioned and controlled by the world and all its persuasive ways. Don’t stay in the trap. There is an answer to life – it has been in plain sight all along, but, incredulous as that is, we have been unable to see or embrace it. So go and start digging and thinking!

By now, if you are still reading this you won’t be surprised to hear me say that the Bible is the only source of truth that makes any sense. Its validity has lasted 2000 years and its truths are eternal. It also provides truth for now, for today, for you. One writer put it this way.

“A person’s identity is normally inseparable from their behaviour. Michael Jordan is an athlete, Steve Martin a comedian and Whitney Houston a singer. God does not look at identity that way. He sees the identity of people as relating to their birth, not by their behaviour. (Not physical birth as a baby, but spiritual birth) The essence of the identity of a person rests in the spirit of a human. So a person born into the family of God receives a new identity, through the Spirit of God. When this happens God imparts a new identity to you that you cannot have any other way. Your real identity in life can only be achieved this way. Until you make that change you struggle living out of your own limited resources. But when you gain your new and true identity in life, you live out of God’s limitless resources.” (Steve McVey in Grace Walk)


So what are you going to do now?

Have a good long think first…………..honestly consider where you are in life……then………here are a few suggestions to try online. But do not ignore speaking directly to God as though He is sitting beside you.

1 The Bible Answer Page http://pages.ca.inter.net/~inchrist/

2 For information on Creation see http://www.creationscience.com/onlinebook/  or http://www.answersingenesis.org/ 

3 For a simple understanding of God’s law, search for it on this site

4 If you don’t know much about God or His Word, the Bible, or are struggling in life with all manner of things, then search for it on this site, where you can read about Christianity and what Christians believe.

5 If you don’t think this is too urgent and can wait, read about the Second Coming of Christ then look for it on this site.

For believers in Jesus Christ. First, please spread this article around you unbelieving friends and family. Also, if you want to read or listen to material that will explain how you as an individual person can handle this world better and get to know God better, then go to Fullness of life in Christ on this site