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What Is Escape from Armageddon about?


The book is a novel, which covers this present age and looks to the future, as we approach the end of this millennium. In Biblical terms, the sequence of the novel describes life in this world during what the Bible refers to as the End Times, the Tribulation period and the millennial period following.

The story includes many of the elements of this everyday world, events which people will easily recognise. It then moves into a predictive phase which covers all events the Bible says will happen in the Biblical books of Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Matthew and many others.

Imagine that it is year or two before the rapture and the tribulation period spoken of in scripture - the time of trouble. People are going about their business as though God does not exist and ignoring His predictions of the dramatic events soon to come. The main fictional characters are Ari, a Greek, Simon a Jew, David a Christian Jew, and Reuben a Palestinian Arab. The main Biblical characters, the Antichrist, the false Prophet, the Two Witnesses, and of course Jesus Christ and Satan. God has assembled the best cast imaginable for this dramatic change in world history. After some graphic scene setting in the early chapters, the pace suddenly quickens. From there on, things happen only as God could have orchestrated them. The takeover of the world by the Antichrist, the rebuilding of the Jewish temple, the judgements of God, and the second coming of Christ are described in dramatic ways. The reader is then led through the millennial Kingdom and into heaven.


The NovelNotes Feature


The NovelNotes Feature at the end of most chapters, gives brief explanations of the Biblical, historical and prophetic relevance of some of the unusual things mentioned.