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Chapter 35


The one thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on earth had come to an end. Satan had met his final doom in the lake of fire, after being released to fight his last battle. He was sent to join Macro, the Antichrist, Warwick the False Prophet, along with every unbeliever already in the lake of fire. Rebellion was ended forever, with God's perfect justice delivering a final verdict.

Simon, Ari and their families were beside themselves with joy as they marvelled at the wonder of life in heaven.  "What a fantastic place!" bubbled Ari.

"Even though there is no longer any sea, the old heaven and earth was nothing compared to this. Knowing Jesus and His angels dwell with us is beyond my wildest dreams."

"Ari, I tingle all over each time I remember God has wiped away all my tears. He has promised I will never cry again. This is a precious place of infinite beauty without sorrow, pain or concerns of any kind. I am filled with adoration for our wonderful God."

"Me too. The fabulous new Holy city is the most bejewelled you could ever imagine.(1) The precious stones, coloured gems and gold, far outshine any Mosque or Pharaoh's tomb. This New Jerusalem, shining and glistening as the golden heart of heaven, bedazzles me with its splendour."

"I never thought I would walk down a street paved with pure gold. Everything here is absolutely perfect! Everything has been made new through Christ Who is the Alpha and the Omega - the beginning and the end."

Nicholas and David walked past one of the gates resembling a huge single pearl. They continued on down the great golden street, transparent as glass.

"It's certainly different without sun, moon or electricity David. There isn't any temple either marvelled Nicholas."

"More amazing is the reason why," replied David enthusiastically.
"God the Father and Jesus His Son are its temple. The glory of God illuminates heaven, Jesus is its lamp. Never again will we experience the blackness of night. This New Jerusalem will never pass away and its gates will never be shut."

Nicolas loved walking beside the narrow river that flowed from the throne of God down the middle of the street.

"Look at the tree of life David! Will it really bear twelve crops, giving us fruit every month?"

"Of course it will. I have heard it is the same as the tree of life God placed in the garden of Eden when He created all things. After Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the fruit, it ceased to be. Now the tree of life blooms as before."

David, Nicholas, Simon, Ari and every inhabitant of the New Jerusalem were privileged to serve God in heaven. They were eternally glad they had obeyed God's commandments and chosen the way to life through Jesus. Suffering and mourning had been replaced with joy and ecstasy. Their escape from Armageddon drew them safely into this undefiled incomparable place, where they would all reign gloriously with Jesus in the city of their God.
They were His people and there were angels all around for ever and ever, life without end ....... Amen.

The NovelNotes Feature

These are a helpful feature of this novel. Their use is optional. They may be used if you want to understand more of the underlying Biblical aspects of the story, or the historical and factual material. However, you do not have to use these to follow the story line of the novel.

Chapter 35 NovelNotes

1. Students of Scripture suggest that the New Jerusalem will be a stationary city floating above the earth. The new earth will thus become a satellite planet. The dimensions of this New Jerusalem are given in Revelation 21:16 as being a cube, each side being 1377 miles. Its walls will be over 200 feet thick. Whatever the size and dimension ............. for believers it is the only place to be.

The best advice for any reader of this book is:

Live as though Christ died yesterday, rose today, and is coming back tomorrow.

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