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Chapter 30

The two astronauts were thankful, that in spite of the catastrophic upheavals raging thousands of kilometres below, their search for life on other planets continued. They were part of a select group exempted from Macro's combat duties. Their starry home, amid cratered planets and unexplored galaxies, protected them from the hellish nightmare of earth.


From their spacecraft, state of the art equipment stretched out giant arms, collecting samples of rock and surface soil. High powered telescopes and cameras fed information onto the giant coloured screen in front of the men. It was hoped their findings would hasten the building of a satellite city in space. However, something strange and frightening was happening on the earth's surface. Great crevices seemed to puff out clouds of debris as the seas convulsed and tossed from one end of the globe to the other.(1) A brilliant halo ringed the earth with shafts of light spreading upwards into the blackness of space. Falling stars rocketed past the space lab's viewing panel, illuminating the sun and moon that hung in the sky, shrouded in total blackness. The two astronauts were terrified at the unusual phenomena. In all their space explorations they had never witnessed such dramatic displays. At the beginning of their space explorations they, like countless others, believed the earth and all other planets began as the result of an enormous cosmic explosion. They once believed all things were formed from molecules by chance or progression, without the help of any intelligence. As they gazed upon the scene on earth, with all its supernatural convulsions, they realized only a powerful God could cause such havoc from the perfection He had originally created. They admitted He was the only One capable of creating man and nature in such minute detail, order and perfection.(2)

The astronauts knew they must keep their beliefs from Macro and his air commanders. Their only communication link with earth crackled and sparked as they tried desperately to make contact with their ground crew.

"Nikor 2 calling base station. What is happening down there?
The heavens are lit with falling meteorites and hundreds of flashes like lightning reaching up into space."  A muffled indistinct reply was all the men were able to receive.


Simon and Ari called a meeting in the solid rock cave above the gorge. Parents had told the children they were safe here in Petra, but now they were frightened. Simon waited for the mothers to calm the little ones. His presence reassured them, for he was such a man that his gentle quietness soothed the most fretful.

"Don't be afraid, rather rejoice. Although you see strange things happening in the sky, and war is all around, these are signs to remind us that Jesus is about to return. Our faith is being tested, but He will save us because He has told us in the Bible He will. He has already kept us safe from famine, sickness, war and all kinds of trouble."

The people become quiet as they listened. Many whispered, "Thank you Father," as they remembered the trials through which they had come. If ever people were ready for Jesus' return it was now. Many times they had felt like prisoners in clanking chains, but their hearts remained unshackled and free. The cloud filled skies suggested rain was about to fall. One black cloud hung like a heavy dark stage curtain awaiting the next act.

Suddenly He appeared!

Simon and Ari gazed in awe as a Man seated on the white horse of victory burst out of the clouds. The hair of His head, like pure white wool, was encircled with a King's crown. His eyes were like a flame of fire. The blood red robe He wore reminded Simon of Jesus' blood shed on the cross and the blood of saints slain as He was. It was a glorious sight.(3) Behind Him followed His great heavenly army. No one could contain their excitement. Everyone shouted!

"Jesus our Lord and Saviour. At last You have come to rescue us from all evil."

The reaction from the massed armies in the Valley of Jehosophat near Jerusalem was dramatically different. Fighting ceased when the armies stared in disbelief at Jesus Christ coming down onto the Mount of Olives with His heavenly army. The soldiers aggression quickly changed to dread and cowardice. Some who had persecuted and killed Jesus' followers, cringed at the sight of His unexpected appearance. Others too fearful to face Jesus took their own lives.

Macro's multi-media systems and surveillance cameras mysteriously locked onto this amazing spectacle, transmitting live into all homes left on earth. Jesus stood triumphantly on the Mount of Olives, just east of Jerusalem, a place at the centre of a geographical fault line. (6) The brightness of His magnificent figure was blinding.

There was an ear shattering crack as a great earthquake split the Mount in two, from east to west. Half the mountain moved a few hundred metres to the north as the other half moved toward the south, forming a large valley.(6) Jesus stood majestically on the south side as the rumblings ceased. Men, women and children crept cautiously from out of the ruins of Jerusalem. The newly formed valley provided them with an escape route. With Jesus as their Protector they knew they were safe.

Matthew, one of the surviving Jews, led others out of hiding and began to walk eastwards out of Jerusalem, in the valley that had been formed. The armies of the world waited, whilst their confused commanders wondered what to do. They were further confused when, after some time, Jesus disappeared from sight in a south easterly direction towards Bozrah.


The NovelNotes Feature

These are a helpful feature of this novel. Their use is optional. They may be used if you want to understand more of the underlying Biblical aspects of the story, or the historical and factual material. However, you do not have to use these to follow the story line of the novel.

Chapter 30 NovelNotes

1.From space, the seven bowl judgements would be a spectacular and awesome sight. See Revelation, Chapter 16.

2.The first verse in the book of Genesis says that 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.' Charles Darwin tried to prove creation wrong. But even he, who wrote about the Theory of Evolution, recanted his whole theory before his death.. In recent years, science itself has shown very clearly that the theory of evolution has no scientific basis.

3.The Bible tells that at the end of this period of tribulation on earth, Jesus will come again. In Matthew, Chapter 24, verse 30, it says that the sign of the Son of Man (Jesus) will appear in heaven.

4.Scripture also says in this verse of Matthew, Chapter 24, verse 30, that everyone will see Jesus coming on the clouds of heaven.

5.The fault line, running east to west on the Mount of Olives was discovered earlier this century.

6.The formation of this valley described in the book of Zechariah nearly 2500 years ago, is a remarkable prediction, which spells out the detail exactly as it is told here. For details see Zechariah, Chapter 14, verses 4 & 5.

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