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Chapter 27

Macro and Warwick had not seen Satan since his armies annihilated many people around the world. Major cities throughout the world also suffered large scale destruction. Macro knew the two evangelists, known as Jihela and Echon were still at large. He was annoyed to hear they were preaching each day near the bus terminus, not far from what remained of the Damascus gate area of the Old City of Jerusalem. These two men had become a niggling thorn in his side. Warwick summoned the commander for his latest report on the two who so blatantly defied Macro's orders.
"The so-called evangelists are living in an underground tomb. My soldiers have been watching their every movement."

"Assemble your men near there tonight. Have them take up their positions before curfew time," ordered Warwick.  The commander replied, "Do you want them killed?"

"Initially you will use the new silent sound wave equipment. While they are disorientated, use nerve gas to flush them out like rats. They are yours to kill as you wish. If they escape, you and all involved will die. The guillotine has no friends. Go! Prepare your troops."

The commander called his soldiers together. After a short briefing each knew their strategic position. The soldiers left, each equipped with special clothing and breathing apparatus, some thinking this was not warfare in the true sense of the word. Rather, it was an act of murder organized by a madman. Their initial lust for blood had waned. Only the more brutal delighted in their continuing atrocities against all who opposed Macro.

Damp cold air filled the underground tomb as Jihela and Echon turned down the kerosene lamp. Their meeting had finished earlier tonight. People were becoming more afraid of being caught on the streets of Jerusalem after curfew, let alone coming from an illegal meeting. The two sat summing up the past three and a half years and rejoicing over those who, since the rapture, had come to know Jesus as their Saviour. Millions had been martyred, killed in battle, or died of starvation and disease. Others, not strong enough to withstand these terrible times had attempted suicide. Some died confused and afraid, for they followed neither Macro or God.

Echon turned to Jihela and spoke softly. "By God's power alone, we have spread His truth. We know our time is coming to an end. Macro is indeed the Antichrist spoken of in the Bible. Finally he will be defeated, just as the Bible explains."

Jihela turned off the lamp and the two settled into their makeshift beds. Rats, emerging from their hiding places, scurried across the damp rock and over the sleeping men. Sometime later, they awoke feeling ill. As both men vomited, a stinking gas burnt their lungs. Their eyes and noses streamed, making it difficult to see. Their limbs jerked as they clawed and choked their way to open air. As painful spasms twisted their bodies, their foaming mouths whispered over and over, "Lord, now is Your promised time. Have mercy on us. Though they slay us, yet we will trust in You."

The commander watched as Echon and Jihela writhed in pain. The soldiers advanced and played a cat and mouse game with them using fixed bayonets. Their callousness would have sickened the most seasoned war veteran. Blood gushed from Jihela's side where a bayonet sliced through his clothing and flesh. One of the guards used the point of his bayonet to engrave 666 upon the foreheads of the two evangelists. Another laughed and taunted them with his words.

"You wear Warwick's number after all."   Echon and Jihela could no longer see through the blood dripping into their stinging eyes. The commander shouted, "Finish them now and be done with it."   A dozen soldiers surrounded the dying pair with weapons raised. Together they swiftly thrust in their bayonets.

The spirit's of Jihela and Echon saw two huge men dressed in white. Behind them, they saw a beautiful golden city. Their spirit's rose as if on clouds of silk, while gold dust sprinkled the air around them. A brilliant light welcomed them into its warmth.

The soldiers dragged the two bodies into Jerusalem. Macro had given orders they were to remain there for all the world to see.(1) They threw the corpses onto the hard ground, near the bus terminal adjacent to the Damascus Gate. Macro's followers danced around the bodies in great merriment and drunkenness. The whole world was forced to view Macro's latest triumph, because all media networks still operating, including the Internet, remained under his control.

He gloated over the death of the two evangelists, as did many people from all around the world. Parties were held to celebrate their death. People sent gifts to one another, as Christians do at Christmas time.(2) Others felt they had been tormented by these two men, who often condemned them for their wickedness. Jihela and Echon had preached doom for those who would not receive Christ as their Saviour.

After a couple of days, passers by barely glanced at the fly covered bodies. During the third day, a group of newsmen stood transmitting live from the spot. As they were focussing their cameras on the lifeless bodies, the camera crew suddenly shrank back in terror. Although petrified, the reporters continued filming, realizing this could be the most sensational news item ever reported. The still forms had begun to breathe. The camera crew watched Jihela and Echon stand on their feet. Then, a loud voice coming from the sky, said, "Come up here!"

Immediately, Echon and Jihela floated heavenwards, disappearing into a cloud.(3) Their terrified enemies realized God was much greater than Macro. Some had heard rumours about Macro's so-called return to life, but without doubt, this was a real resurrection. Everyone had seen the two disappear into the sky with their own eyes.(4)

Less than thirty minutes later, as newsman were still excitedly gabbling their reports, a great earthquake shook Jerusalem.(5) Buildings toppled causing panic and confusion. People were so afraid. They now recognized God's divine power. Many fell on their knees before Him, acknowledging His sovereignty. The earthquake continued leaving about ten per cent of the city in ruins. Later news reports stated 7000 people had been killed in Jerusalem. At the beginning of the earthquake, Macro and Warwick hurried to their fortified headquarters. Neither spoke, as anger seethed in them. They contemplated their next move. Perhaps Satan would re-appear?

As the tremors heaved and shuddered to an end, a gentle wind blew, dispersing the clouds of dust hanging low over Jerusalem. Slowly, bewildered people joined others to clear the rubble and search the ruins for bodies. They worked silently and automatically, listening for the sound of survivors trapped underneath heavy concrete. Entire blocks of undamaged houses and buildings stood out like beacons, altering the city skyline. Some of Macro's surveillance cameras and loud speaker systems remained intact. Other people went about their normal routines, hoping the danger was past.

Out of the blue, music, like the sound of harps was heard, soothing people's souls like a gentle balm. A loud voice interrupted the calm saying, "Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His Judgement has come. Worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water."(6)

There was a pause before the words continued, "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on."(7)

The voice stopped people in their tracks. This was not the usual harsh broadcast they had become accustomed to since Macro's rise to power. This voice spoke with authority and conviction. As it resounded across the city, the same warning appeared in the sky like a message written in smoke trailing behind an aeroplane. This message did not blow away or fade, like those sent by some forlorn lover or advertiser. It remained bold and clear. Macro's media system was also supernaturally altered to transmit this warning. Gaming machines blinked out the same warning, surprising gamblers who thought they had won a special jackpot. Around the world, the same warning was given in like manner in every language known to mankind. New believers in Jesus heard these words directly from the One who sent them, the Holy Spirit. God sent the Holy Spirit to tell all men left on earth that the end was very near.


The NovelNotes Feature

These are a helpful feature of this novel. Their use is optional. They may be used if you want to understand more of the underlying Biblical aspects of the story, or the historical and factual material. However, you do not have to use these to follow the story line of the novel.
Chapter 27 NovelNotes

1. The bodies of these two men, whom the Bible calls the two witnesses, will indeed lie in the streets for three days. See Revelation, Chapter 11, verse 8.

2. Because these two evangelists challenged evil people on earth at that time, they delighted in the two men's death. They make merry, and give each other presents to celebrate the occasion. See Revelation, Chapter 11, verse 10.

3. The ascension of the two evangelists to heaven by the power of God will shock the world, especially those who thought Macro had killed them. See Revelation, Chapter 11, verses 11 and 12.

4. Apart from the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, this is the ultimate proof as to Who is in charge of all things. Only God can give life to the dead. See Romans, Chapter 4, verse 17.

5. For details of this earthquake, see Revelation, Chapter 11, verse 13.

6. This announcement from heaven is quite remarkable. It is the love of God speaking out to all on earth, to give some a last chance for salvation. It is announcing that the last and most terrible series of judgements is about to begin..

7. Just prior to this last sequence of judgements, this announcement also provides hope to those who do not belong to Christ. It simply says that 'you are blessed if you die in the Lord from now on.' See Revelation, chapter 14, verse 13. Of course it is much too late for any sensible person to be considering Christ. The consequences of eternal death and a lost eternity, needs a much earlier decision than at this time. But God still provides it. To wait until this time is utter stupidity.

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