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New Life Book Review

Thursday 4th December 1997

Escape from Armageddon

Paperback - 218pp

Ken and Val Walker.

'Escape from Armageddon', a title no less graphic than dozens of paperbacks on the market today, gives the impression of drama, suspense and fast moving action. It isn't wrong! This novel is based on the "futurist" interpretation of the events to happen at the end of the age, and holds attention from one swiftly moving scenario to the next. Those who have studied Revelation and other Scriptures relating to eschatology will recognise the progression of events, although they are of necessity contracted. Catastrophic occurrence follows devastating trial in rapid succession, sometimes making it hard to realise this is not just fiction.

Three university students, reunited after several years, are the main fictional characters They and their families interact with angelic and demonic figures from the Scripture record to step through the rapture, the rise of the New World Order and Antichrist, Israel's war with Russia, the escape of the righteous Jews to Petra and Christ's triumphal return to Jerusalem. Small line drawings at the start of each chapter give a microscopic view of its contents.

At the close of the book the authors have supplied a list of prophecies both fulfilled and unfulfilled, a bibliography and 40 pages of NovelNotes. A new term for footnotes, these give explanations and Scripture references for the events in the book itself. Included is a history of the New World Order to date and a detailed plan of salvation.

With the famine of end time teaching in our Churches, it is the hope of the authors that the reading of this book will start many searching the Scriptures as did the Bereans of old. Many things suggest our generation is likely to see a fulfilment of much indicated in the book. And it will catch so many of God's children unawares.

Barbara Furman