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The short answer is... NO!


But there IS an end to the AGE

and there are huge changes coming soon and things to know!   Read on to see.   


Is Jesus Christ actually returning to the earth for a second time? 


The answer is YES and from the Bible and world events, we expect it will be soon!


When most people hear or read about the end of the world or Armageddon, they sometimes treat it as a nervous joke, but deep down, they know there is some truth in it all. So what are these truths and what do we all need to know?

There is an end to this AGE – NOT the end of the world, although the world as we know it is going to change dramatically. This world as we presently know it will be replaced by an incredible and glorious age of 1000 years when the earth and its peoples will have the peace and conditions of life, a life they have hoped for and desired. Is this a fantasy? No! It is absolute truth. The secret is in the Bible, for no other book but the Bible provides this information.

This page and the articles contained in it, are going to provide you with much of what you need to know. This will include what is going to happen in the future (we know exactly from the Bible) and perhaps more importantly what is going to happen on the way.

We are going to describe in detail what is going to happen, taking into account the world as it is in 2013, the reasons for the Battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to this earth and then the 1000 years (called the Millennium) which will follow, when Jesus Christ will rule over the whole earth. Later a new heavens and earth will emerge where believers in Jesus will live forever. Here is what is presently available. More will be added in the near future.


To know and understand these things is a necessity in life - for everyone!


1   Escape from Armageddon a novel about the end of the Age - to read online click HERE

This novel may be read online or downloaded at no cost. It is unique in that it tells the story of what is happening in the world and what is going to happen before the second coming of Jesus Christ to this earth and the Battle of Armageddon. It is easy to read and provides much factual and biblical information in the form of NovelNotes. It is written in a way that makes it readable by secondary school students.

2   Soon! Jesus Christ is coming Soon! Read the Soon! presentation hereclick HERE

Soon! is an online presentation or a single downloadable file that can be easily read and understood by anyone. It is written primarily for those who know little about God, Bible or Jesus Christ. However, believers in Jesus will also find interest in it, either to extend their knowledge or help others towards knowing Jesus Christ. When you start into the site, you will notice there a three option. Probably the best option is to download the file what included everything. It is option number 2.

3   Be Aware and Be Ready! This is a two part sermon series about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to this earth, including an outline of related events in the world, before and after His coming.

To read or download the PDF file, Click HERE pdf2010april_beawareandbeready.pdf 

To download the two audio MP3 files, click on the links below. (each about 38 minutes and 9 mb) Be Aware and be Ready Part One MP3 audio mp32010beawareandbeready-1.mp3

Be Aware and be Ready Part Two MP3 audio mp32010beawareandbeready-2.mp3 (left click to listen – right to download)


4   What's wrong with the world? And what can I do about it?

The world seems an impossible place to live in and be content.
Here, in a question and answer format is a new way to look at these things, taking into account all that is happening in the world and what is possible to do about it all with the help of God. Click here  for web version


5   What's wrong with the world? And what can be done about it? - Part 2

In Part One of "What's Wrong with the World and what can we do about it?" we discussed man's relationship to God, either a lack of it at all, or a faulty understanding of it by some.
This second part can be read with some benefit, whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not, or whether you have read the Bible or not, or whether you have some other form of belief system.  It takes just 15 minutes for a basic read. Thinking on it all will take longer. click here for web version


6   The Trap of Life – and how to get out of it. There are many traps in life. You probably know most of them. But there is one unique trap in life that many people do not even know about. Here is a 10 minute read that leaves you with no doubt as to what the trap is – and how to escape it. Click here for web Version


7   Why are we getting all these earthquakes? What is going in in our world? It is no coincidence – read what Jesus said. Read this in less than half an hour to find out. Click here for Web Version


8   The Great Wonders to come to this world! Can you imagine a thousand years of peace on earth? Good! It's coming! Peace on earth is certain! Believe it or not! Soon, but not just yet! It's called the Millennium, a period of 1000 years. You will need to read on (or listen) to give yourself the hope and strength that you will need to survive in this current world.

To read about the Millennium in a PDF file click HERE pdf17-2013millennium.pdf. To listen to the 2 MP3 audio recordings about the Millennium, click HERE mp317-2013millennium-1.mp3 for part 1 and 17-2013millennium-2.mp3 HERE for part 2


9   Want to know what is really going on in the world? Time to learn about a dramatic new Age in the world's future that is coming soon! Click here http://www.itstime-now.com/


 10   Have you ever thought about God? Click here to read more