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This is a fundamental study to understand and help us live the Christian life through the power and strength of Jesus Christ, proving a road map of the details in scipture. From the basis of the Apostle John providing one description of the three stages, another eight sets of these three stages can be found in the N.T., reflecting all the main doctrines of our life in Christ. The study provides charts of these which are best downloaded and printed off before listening to the study itself. For this study it is virtually essential to download the full text (look for PDF file for Unit 6) because there are diagrams available in the PDF document that will make your listening and understanding far easier.

As it is far easier to download the text itself from http://www.itstime-now.com/fullness/6biblicalstagesofthechristianlife.pdf

Audio MP3: http://www.itstime-now.com/fullness/6biblicalstagesofthechristianlife-1.mp3