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This next unit examines the nature of man in relation to God. There may be some surprises here for people who have not heard these things before. At first, it may appear to be quite impossible and even controversial, but please read and or listen and check out the references, so you know for yourself. Many have taught it before me and the Lord has shown me its truth. It is a vital component of seeing how our exact nature depends on our relationship with God, either as believers, or in our former unbelieving state. In this study you will begin to see that man does not have a nature of his own, but only that which is provided by God, the provision depending on the spiritual state of the man. In essence we find that scripture says that if we are believers then we become partakers of His divine nature. If however we do not yet know God, our nature will be as a child of wrath, because we have inherited the nature of Adam after the Fall.

Text file: http://www.itstime-now.com/fullness/5whatisthenaturofman.pdf

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