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The issue of maturing in Christ and living as the N.T says is possible puzzles many believers. In some ways this is surprising, because the Bible provides all the foundational truths that are needed. There are many reasons for the puzzlement and maturing. Some of the reasons will be mentioned in this study.

This question about “how shall we live” and “how we can mature” is asked for a number of reasons.

  • Some believers say they don’t know where they are in life and in their Christian walk.
  • Many say now that they are recipients of God’s grace, they expect to live and walk in fullness of faith and Spirit, but don’t know how.
  • Some say they are unaware of God’s leading or His presence.
  • Some say it even more simply. As believers, how can we make our Christian life work better?
  • So, we could ask, what does God expect of us?

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