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This is an introductory look at maturing and enhancing our walk with God and live out from the full teachings of the N.T. It is both an extension on previous studies and an introduction to several further aspects of study. The first of those outlined and explained the nature of The Mystery of the N.T that was revealed to Paul by the Holy Spirit, the exact nature of this mystery, never before having been known by any man, including all the prophets of the O.T. This revelation to Paul did not come about until he was in Arabia for 3 years and spent further time, presumably under the Spirit of God, in further years in Tarsus before he began his ministry with Barnabas from Antioch. The second study clearly showed how the application of this mystery was explained by the Lord Jesus Christ in His High Priestly prayer in John 17. Jesus himself clearly showed that He and His Father were in each other and thus were one and how this unity was the expected outcome for all believers, that they would be included in this divine union. In other parts of scripture, Jesus also mentioned the cost of such discipleship, teachings on this being expanded by Peter and Paul in particular.

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