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This study is going to provide some of the teaching that Jesus himself gave on this matter, recorded in John 17 when Jesus prayed His High Priestly prayer, not that long before His crucifixion. The study will also provide mentions of other scriptures from Paul’s writings that affirm and confirm this fact that Jesus taught, that He Jesus is in the Father, that the Father is in Him, that Jesus lives in us and that in prospect of His prayer for the disciples, that they might live as one, just as the Father and Jesus were one.

In the first study, The Mystery of the New Testament, it was outlined how this mystery is actually considered to be the key to life for every believer, that the life of Jesus Christ actually does reside within each believer and that it is from that life that we live and also relate and minister to others. This one mystery it was noted, was separate and distinct from 7 other mysteries in the N.T. which were mentioned, but were not explained and will not be until they unfold in the end times. This one mystery however, expressed by Paul as “Christ in you” and “Christ, who is our life” was mentioned directly no less than 15 times, each mention adding to the explanation of those terms.

It was noted that this mystery was hidden from all, prophets included, until revealed to the Apostle Paul somewhere between A.D. 38 and A.D. 45. Paul’s writings reveal that not only was this mystery kept hidden by God until that time, but the mystery was said to contain wisdom, have fellowship, be the mystery of the gospel, of Christ, of God and of His will, but also be the mystery among the gentiles.

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