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Unit 10 The Enigma of Romans 7 – The Misunderstanding that Blocks Life in the Spirit. Here is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, cleared of the impairments that Romans 7 seems to present. This is a unit of study of some importance, as it focuses on the Gospel as Paul presents it in Romans. In one sense it summarizes many of the other studies located here and explains how a proper understanding of scripture, based on the death and resurrection of Christ, enables us to live in the freedom of the Spirit of Light and Truth, through a correct understanding of what being dead to sin means and how this relates to the flesh being overcome by the Spirit of God.. This study goes into the detail of Paul’s life and his ministry, when all the aspects of his life occurred and how this reconciles all parts of the Gospel in Romans 6. 7 and 8, with the Book of Acts. The PDF file is one 20 page document. The MP3 audio presentation is divided into three parts of 33, 27, and 28 minutes respectively. The single PDF file or all three audio tracks are needed to complete the study – better with both.

Download PDF: http://www.itstime-now.com/fullness/10enigmaofromans7.pdf

Audio MP3: http://www.itstime-now.com/fullness/10enigmaofromans7-1.mp3