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If you are still learning how to pray, especially in adversity (as I am) then this study may well provide a few answers.  When we are really in impossible situation, such as Habakkuk was, 2600 years ago, then his attitudes in adversity are so commendable, that we can learn from them today.  And it all fits with the teachings of Jesus on the “single eye” which has a very special meaning.  It is also compatible with the tree of life and the teachings of Dr Larry Crabb on the new and living way.   If you try to gain the blessings of God, rather than the God of the blessing, then you may learn something about the sovereignty of God and how we need to submit to Him in similar ways to Habakkuk, not long before Jerusalem fell in 486 B.C.  The time of Habakkuk reminds us of our own times, where the world is approaching the end of the age (not the end of the world as some suggest) and how we must be aware and ready for those times.  Jesus Christ said He would return to earth at a time we did not expect.   Surprised at all this?  So take a listen!

Audio MP3: http://www.itstime-now.com/fullness/12prayerinadversity-1.mp3