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A SHORT STUDY. I was asked the question - Why it is necessary for people to know what has been and is now happening in the world, whether or not it has anything to do with the rapture, tribulation or the Second Coming of Christ?

Point Believers need to know because:


To add

Notes to add Unbelievers need to know because:
1 Jesus said to watch for His Second Coming. So if we are watching, we should be noticing what is happening. 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5

It is a disobedience not to watch the  signs of the times

They are blind because of lack of knowledge of all biblical things.  They need to be attracted by seeing the Life of Christ in a believer.
2 As the signs of the times are revealing thematic similarities that connect with the actual Biblical story, everything is relevant. Jesus said Matthew 16:3 Eg NWO authority leads to Antichrist / Beast control. Also Jesus warnings. They do not have a frame of reference in which to put current events that are visible – and know nothing about those invisible.
3 The 2nd Coming is a considerable an integral part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and why He came, to save them from sin but eternity.   Over time, the 2nd coming has been treated as a separate topic to the Gospel. They are blind because of lack of knowledge of all biblical things and so live increasingly in accordance with the word – and get lost.

Believers have a responsibility and indeed a command from Jesus to consider the fields ripe for harvesting.

As everything that is happening in the world right now has a relevance to the Second Coming or eternal life (even thought is may not be seen by them that way) gentle or sometimes direct communication with others about events that seem unrelated can be used as a step in evangelism. 

To tell people is a risk but also an act of love. Love God and love others Jesus said.

  The Great Commission Jesus died for all people and any part of His Gospel message or any world event is fodder for the Holy Spirit to begin work in them.
5   Everything that is happening in the world, seen or unseen by many, has something to do with the Second Coming of Christ – also has a bearing on the potential eternal life of all people. God in His creation has prepared the hearts of all people to receive him, if given the opportunity.
6 As end times begin to show their dangers and bring fear, they will have a motivating effect to look elsewhere for answers.
7 The Great Commission was to make disciples in the whole world. That includes everyone.
8   The paradox of telling or not telling – and of personal responsibility   The Second Coming and what comes before it, is all through the Bible, particularly in the NT.   Unbelievers do not know such things and are unable to connect current reality with God.
9 Believers have tended to forget that God intervenes in world affairs.  They do not recognize His work. And because it has been so long that Jesus said He would return, they do not expect Him at all.   Life just goes on and on – and has done for millennia – BUT in watching the signs of these times NOW, we can gain wisdom. They know little of God.  God has not intervened in the world since Noah, of which they know little about. They do not know that God can intervene at any time.. They tip their hat to God in a crisis, but then forget Him. That’s what the Jews did.
10 Believers forget or ignore that there is an end to the age – and Jesus words.   Jesus said there is an end to the age, Unbelievers think the world goes on forever, and like the frog in the warming water, don’t notice the changes that are happening and don’t know it means eternal death, with much trouble in between.