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It's what prayer is!


It's time set aside to converse with God, the time taken up being time removed from our personal self-centred agenda and given to God for His purposes and use, for both ourselves and others.

It's like spending sacrificial time alone for another person instead of spending it with them personally. It is another aspect of dying to our selfish nature for the benefit of God's Kingdom or for the benefit of another and at a cost to me, the opportunity cost of whatever else I could have been doing at the time.

It is looking at what is important in the heavenly spiritual realms and setting aside worldly things, however right they may seem to be. It is setting aside the doing of good by the fleshly works of our own agenda and doing instead the less evident spiritual work of God. It is being still and knowing who God really is and learning how He works.

It is considering and totally accepting the value of another person loving and praying them nearer to the perfection of the agape of God, to grow Jesus into them, as Paul says. It is knowing our part in the great commission of Jesus and making our beings a vessel for God's love to reach those who otherwise may perish. It is taking a responsible role as disciples who give their time and energy in prayer for the benefit of others.

It is exposing our sinful hearts to the scrutiny of the One who can cleanse and setting aside the embarrassment and pride of exposure, as we confess our sin in its many selfish and hard-hearted forms. It is us, turning our lives over to God, accepting His ownership of them and seeking to do His perfect will from the perfect abiding that comes through travail in prayer. It is giving back our lives to the One who gives life to us.

"Lord, when we say "teach us to pray" we mean for You to cleanse us, to circumcise our hearts from their foolish self-centred and hardened ways, so that we can be cleansed and chosen vessels that will see time in conversation with You about our lives and the lives of others, as Your way of growing the Spirit of Christ in us and helping to rescue those who may otherwise go down to death."

This time will need to be taken from some part of our lives. It may be our sleep, our pleasure, our leisure, our socialising, our reading, TV, or even church activity. It will be a choice of reallocation of time to spend with God on His business with us and for others. It will be giving God the priority that His Lordship over us deserves.

Ken Walker


April 13th 1996