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Written and spoken by Ken Walker

The new study units (timeless) provides the materials set out in a different teaching format, whereby the reader may simply go through the study in the presented sequence.  I have been able to write material in this new format out of an increased depth of knowledge of my own ( in reliance on the Lord),   Each new unit of study is set out as I would use them if we were sitting down together to study with you one to one. However, the Holy Spirit is your teacher – I am just one who provides resource materials in teaching format. 

Since early 2008, 17 several study units have been written.  More will be added to this list as they are written, from time to time, as the Lord leads. 

May God bless you

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The new study units are listed below, with links to both Joomla files and audio MP3 files. These "teachings" are not sermons as such, and so, are given by slowly and methodically working through each aspect of living as Christ intended.  The Holy Spirit remains your only teacher and guide.


Unit 1           The Mystery of the New Testament.   (June 2008)   

This mystery (based on the crucifixion and resurrection) I believe is the starting point for living as God intended and as Paul taught.  Paul mentions it directly 14 times and it appears many other times indirectly.  Paul notes that this mystery was hidden from all, prophets included, until revealed to the Apostle Paul somewhere between A.D. 38 and A.D. 45.    Paul’s writings reveal that not only was this mystery kept hidden by God until that time, but the mystery was said to contain wisdom, have fellowship, be the mystery of the gospel, of Christ, of God and of His will, but also be the mystery among the gentiles.

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Unit 2           Invitation to Live.  (July 2008)    

During His prayer in John 17,Jesus tells the disciples how spiritual relationships are between He and the Father and how these will extend to include believers for all time, thus providing an invitation to live that way – in faith and by the Spirit of God.   The study also clearly shows how Paul was instructed by God to make this invitation available to all people with whom he spoke and outlines some of the difficulties that disciples of all periods will experience.   

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Unit 3           How then shall we live? (August 2008)  

There seems to be a dilemma among some Christians about what is important in living the Christian life and how it might be achieved. The study highlights the importance of knowing God by His Spirit as distinct from knowing about God – the difference perhaps best expressed in terms of the difference between knowledge received by revelation and that received and known intellectually.   The question of how we should mature to live the Christian life is examined and how many forms of stumbling blocks will be met and overcome. 

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Unit 4           Until Christ is formed in you.(September 2008)  

Just as God told His people in the time of Hosea that His people perish through lack of knowledge, so to do Christians of this age lack knowledge, which limits personal growth of disciples and of the church and the great commission.   This study focuses around Galations 4:19, where Paul teaches that growth in the Christian life is by the process (after regeneration) of the life of Jesus Christ being formed in the believer by prayer.  The need for knowledge of both forms is emphasized.

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Unit 5    What is the Nature of Man? (October 2008)

The nature of man is one of the most fundamental of all Bible Studies, or should be.  The word "nature" has to be very clearly understood, otherwise wrong conclusions can be drawn about how man interacts with God both prior to and after regeneration.  Understanding the nature of man who is born again, opens the way for a fuller understanding of how fullness of life in Christ may be attained. 

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Unit 6    Biblical stages of the Christian life.(November 2008)

This is a fundamental study to understand and help us live the Christian life through the power and strength of Jesus Christ, proving a road map of the details in scripture.  From the basis of the Apostle John providing one description of the three stages, another eight sets of these three stages can be found in the N.T., reflecting all the main doctrines of our life in Christ.  The study provides charts of these which are best downloaded and printed off before listening to the study itself.  

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Unit 7    The Hidden Blessing of Adversity - God's Purposes in Adversity  (December 2008) 

Are the adversities in our life an adventure or just a problem, and what part does God play in these things?  That is the essence of this study.  Someone once wrote that the Christian life is not all sweetness and light as evidenced from even a cursory study of scripture.   Many of the saints suffered during Gods dealings with them.  It seems to be a way of God that He permits and allows suffering of His people in order that they be refined. He does this as an act of His love in order that they can receive more from Him and be more like Him who died for us all.  When scripture is honestly examined on these issues, some somewhat surprising things emerge.  

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Unit 8    An Antidote to Adversity - Living as Christ always intended. (January 2009) 

Is there an antidote for some forms of adversity?  Or are there means of preventing the worst of adversities from hitting us so hard?  Yes there is.  Proper abiding in Christ is the only way.  Not only that, but enables us to live as Christ intended.  It is right through the NT word.   This is a short sermon of 30 minutes without the usual notes that normally accompany studies.  It was spontaneously written just prior to Christmas of 2008 out of words from the Lord on experiences in life in recent times.    In some ways it is an applicational summary of the previous 7 units of study.  In some ways it could be seen as an introduction to all these units.  

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An "off course" study unit - True Prayer in the Spirit.

This article describes a way of praying that establishes relationship with God first, before everything else normally done in prayer such as worship, praise, thanks, confession, petition and intercession.  Written by Ken Walker out of study of Dr Larry Crabb’s books “The Pressure’s Off and "The Papa Prayer".  Authorised by Dr. Larry Crabb to be placed on my web site.

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Unit 9   Adversity and its Positive Associations - Attitudes, Priorities, Law, Grace and Faith.  March 2009

This unit of study is dedicated to setting out three major ways in which we in the church seem to ere, possibly bringing on ourselves the chastening of the Lord, which we otherwise might not experience if we were obedient to His word in these deeper things. So this unit of study will encompass three aspects of the Christian life that do seem to be understood and not lived as the Lord would expect of us. 

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Unit 10   The Enigma of Romans 7 - The Misunderstanding that Blocks Life in the Spirit. April 2009  

Here is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, cleared of the impairments that Romans 7 seems to present. The study focuses on the Gospel as Paul presents it in Romans. In one sense it summarizes many of the other studies located here and explains how a proper understanding of scripture, based on the death and resurrection of Christ, enables us to live in the freedom of the Spirit of Light and Truth, through a correct understanding of what being dead to sin means and how this relates to the flesh being overcome by the Spirit of God.  This study goes into the detail of Paul's life and his ministry, when all the aspects of his life occurred and how this reconciles all parts of the Gospel in Romans 6. 7 and 8 with the Book of Acts.  It is probably the most important study on the site.  The PDF file is one 20 page document.  The MP3 audio presentation is divided into three parts of 33, 27, and 28 minutes respectively.  The single written file or all four audio tracks are needed to complete the study - better with both. 

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Unit 11    Oneness in Christ - The Major N.T. Theme. September 2009  

Is there one NT theme that stands out above all others?   Yes I believe there is.   It is that God intended that we be one with Him.  Jesus spoke about this in John 17 when He prayed to His Father in His High Priestly prayer.  He said that just as He and the Father were one, believers would also be on with Him.   Paul also said the same thing when he spoke of Christ in us and Christ being our life.  Many other scripture are used in this study and it is easily observed that they are all saying the same thing, that God intended that we be one with Him.  What a wonder it is that the God who created the universe has stooped down to every believer making it possible for union and unity with Him. 

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Unit 12    Praying in and through adversity”   Featuring Habakkuk, a prayer warrior for our time

If you are still learning how to pray, especially in adversity (as I am) then this study may well provide a few answers.  When we are really in impossible situation, such as Habakkuk was, 2600 years ago, then his attitudes in adversity are so commendable, that we can learn from them today.  And it all fits with the teachings of Jesus on the “single eye” which has a very special meaning.  It is also compatible with the tree of life and the teachings of Dr Larry Crabb on the new and living way.   If you try to gain the blessings of God, rather than the God of the blessing, then you may learn something about the sovereignty of God and how we need to submit to Him in similar ways to Habakkuk, not long before Jerusalem fell in 486 B.C.  The time of Habakkuk reminds us of our own times, where the world is approaching the end of the age (not the end of the world as some suggest) and how we must be aware and ready for those times.  Jesus Christ said He would return to earth at a time we did not expect.   Surprised at all this?  So read on!   

To listen to the two MP3 files,click here for the 1st – here for the 2nd. Read Web Link


Unit 13    Windows into the Gospel

Here is the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a nutshell.  Well actually, this time it is in a plastic ball, with 7 windows expressing 7 elements of the Gospel.   Each element is explained simply and from scripture - some with illustrations.    You won't get it simpler than this.

Listen to MP3 Audio version- click here     Read web link click here  


Unit 14    How God captures a man - Nebuchadnezzar and me!

Ever wondered how God captures a man for eternity?  From the book of Daniel, here is the incredible story of King Nebuchadnezzar who lived around 600 B.C. so 2600 years ago.   He was a ruthless tyrant who God tamed over the period of his life of 68 years.  Nebuchadnezzar went through three stages of experience with God, each one getting stronger in faith, out of the adversity that he experienced.  In the final stage God had Nebuchadnezzar live 7 years eating grass with oxen, in order that his mind be aligned with God's perfect will for him.  Included as part of the whole story is the author's life story which also has had three major stages of change under the hand of God.  The conclusion is that God NEVER gives up on any person.

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Unit 15    "...This is the confidence....."   Some suggestions about praying the will of God

Everyone wants to be able to pray God's will in their lives and into the lives of others.  We want to be able to say and pray, "this is the confidence that we have in Him"  as it appears in 1 John 4:14-15.   Taking into account a limited number of aspects of God's will, here are some positive suggestion about being more confident in our prayers to almighty God.   Click here to listen to MP3 file        Here is the Web Link

Unit 16        Unity through broken bread   (oneness with Christ)

Have you ever wondered about the importance of the broken bread you take during the Lord's supper (communion)?    Because of Christ's broken body and our participation with Him on the cross, we have the huge benefit of His resurrection and life in Him.   This teaching and experience is fundamental to living out the life of Christ in everyday life.

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Unit 17    The Ultimate fullness of life - living in the 1000 year Millennium period

This series on living in fullness of life, has covered our lives lived on earth at this present time - our normal lives in the period before the return of Jesus Christ to this earth.  However, when He comes and the battle of Armageddon is over, He will rule over the earth again.  The earth will be restored and those who return with Him or escape harm in the Tribulation period will live with Him for a period of 1000 years.   The new heavens and earth come near the end of this period.  Living this way will be the ultimate in living in fullness of life in Christ, far easier and more wonderful than we can ever achieve on earth.  In the telling of this story includes comparisons of life on earth now and during the Tribulation period.

To read about the Millennium Web Link click HERE.          To listen to the MP3 audio recordings about the Millennium, click HERE for part 1 and HERE for HERE for part 2

Unit 18    The essential key to believing and understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Even if the Gospel of Jesus Christ is believed and understood, there is a doorway and a depth to it that is not often known. It is the key to living the Christian life.

In this 35 minute teaching, the audio covers the importance of Israel in the world, then goes on to state the importance of the scriptural principle of Union Life in Christ, where both Jesus and Paul talk of Oneness of believers with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. After that the stages of the Christian life are mentioned, an essential piece of knowledge to then believe and live out in the form of Fullness of Life in Jesus Christ.

Audio MP3: http://www.itstime-now.com/fullness/18gospelkey.mp3