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The Mystery of Life Revealed


Tune – Rescue and refrain. Music by William H. Doanne (1832-1915)

No 475 in Presbyterian Hymn Book.

Original words to this tune was Rescue the Perishing by Frances Jane Van Alstyne (1820-1915)

Music is in public domain and free from copyright


1. From ages hidden, and generations,

Was the sweet mystery, of Jesus in us,

God willed to make it known, riches of glory,

We know the mystery of Christ in us.



          Preaching the Word of God,

          Hidden for ages,

          Christ is our life,

          He lives in us.


2 Now manifested in all His saints,

The hope of glory, this mystery

We now proclaim Him, knowing of Jesus,

He is our life and we uplift Him.


3 Teach now every man, and with all wisdom,

Present each man, now completed in Christ,

In our new self, His power working,

Revealing mystery, of Christ in us.


© Words are Copyright - Kenneth Graham Walker. May be used by any group at any time, for personal edification and for the glory of God, but not sold for money under any circumstance, or included in publications sold for money or profit. Permission should be sought for such inclusions.

One Request. If you use this hymn, please email and tell me the degree of its effectiveness for you and your group.


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Melbourne Australia September 2002

Primary scriptures – Colossians 1:26-29, 2:2-3, 3:4; Philippians 1:21.