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Not I but Christ

September 2003 revised version


Tune : Onward Christian Soldiers

( St Gertrude Triple ) With chorus.


1 Though was lost in sin, Jesus rescued me,

Death with Him united, not a slave to sin,

Resurrection triumph, brought eternal life,

And on earth His fullness, giving life to me.


2 My old self is dead, crucified with Christ,

Delivered me from darkness, into Kingdom light,

Dead to sin and law, have His life within,

Ever in His likeness, now I reign with Him.


3 Christ Who is my life, now I'm freed from sin,

As His love possesses, us forevermore,

I can live to God, raised with Christ to heav',

Sin is done away with, I'm not slaved to sin.


4 Christ is living in me, now I live in Him,

As by faith I know Him, life of His is mine,

Christ is in me always, as His marvellous gift,

Fullness is my favour, and His righteousness.


5 I no longer live, my Christ lives in me,

Now I live by faith, in the Son of God,

Life of Jesus in me, now subdues my flesh,

Victory is now all mine, and my service His.




Not my life but Christ's, His life now in me,

Christ who is my life, and now I live for Him.

Words are Copyright Kenneth Graham Walker. May be used by any group at any time, for personal edification and for the glory of God, but not sold for money under any circumstance, or included in publications sold for money or profit. Permission should be sought for such inclusions. Copyright for music is in public domain and free from copyright.

One Request. If you use this hymn, please email and tell me the degree of its effectiveness for you and your group.

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Primary scriptures - Galations 2:20, Colossians 1:27 ; 3:4, Romans 5:1,5 ; 6:6-11 ;7:6