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Tune – Dambusters (No 32 in Presbyterian Hymn Book)

1 Christ is the strength of our heart, our portion now and forever,
Though our heart may fail at times, Christ is always there,
Through Law does sin assault us, flesh rises to ensnare us,
We rely on Jesus Christ, He is our life.

2 Now reconciled to Christ, and now we've risen with Him,
He is now indwelling us, being formed within,
Suff-ring no doubt will test us, but He will bear it for us,
Rest for us is ours and peace for ever more.

3 Your counsel ever guides us, through strife you never leave us,
Christ who is our life – He lives!, old life now is gone,
Now is the time for victory, life everlasting is ours,
Life on earth with fullness, is our certainty.

4 You are our only desire, less now of earth we require,
Nearness to our God is good, better still- we're filled!
Faith takes on new dimensions, seen realm now fading a-way,
Unseen things now stand before us, faith holds sway.

© Ken Walker. May be used by any group at any time, for personal edification and for the glory of God, but not sold for money under any circumstance, or included in publications sold for money or profit. Permission should be sought for such inclusions.

One Request. If you use this hymn, please email and tell me the degree of its effectiveness for you and your group.

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Primary scriptures – Psalm 73:24-26; Galations 2:20, 4:19; Phil 3:10; Colossians 1:20, 27; 3:4, Romans 5:5 ; Hebrews 4:9.