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Greetings to all who are listening to or reading these study materials.
This is Ken Walker speaking from Australia where I live. I have had two
web sites now for many years. Good News Australia started in 1995 and
Global Good News in 1997. Some years later, when the focus of my
studies and my life changed, I added a new doorway to both sites to
reflect this change. I called it Fullness of life in Christ. It has been
operating since 2003.
I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself and the studies
with a few words of welcome and encouragement. I am merely a humble
servant of our Lord, who has found himself and his life by doing what the
Lord has asked me to do. Up until early 2001 when my life took on a
new direction, like many others who tell me the same, I had struggled
living out the promises of scripture. At that time, through a God ordained
set of circumstances I was led to look at what I seemed like a major
theme in the N.T, that of Galations 2:20. Various people guided me
through a fuller understanding of that and related scriptures and I began
to see what a full life in Christ was all about – quite away from legalisms
and self effort. That led into both writing about my learning and then
beginning to share that online.
The nature of these studies are that they outline the Biblical concepts of
Christ in You, Christ in us and Christ Who is our life all of which is
underpinned by true faith and walking in the Spirit. I have found that
some of these themes do not seem to be fully taught in many churches of
my acquaintance. Others from all over the world tell me the same thing.
Although I am writing the studies (and that may help your understanding)
the Holy Spirit Himself is always your only teacher, through the revelation
of His Spirit into your human spirit. No one else is able to impart spiritual
knowledge that is beyond the intellect.
The original course of study in 2003 grew out of many years of private
study and the great need to know and live out these truths. At that time I
I am going to contend that the blood aspect of the cross (dealing with sins
plural), which is generally taught well in evangelical churches, is
incomplete when the body aspect of the cross (dealing with sin singular) is
not also known, taught and lived by believers. In fact, I would contend
that it is not possible to live the Christian life in its fullness from the blood
aspect alone, because it only addresses the issue of sins and their
forgiveness and does not fully recognize the sin / body aspect in the living
of the present life. This leads to all sorts of difficulties such as powerless
living, self-effort and the difficulties in having and applying true biblical
I did not work all this out myself. The Lord, after initially enlightening me
Himself, graced my life with others who believe and live this way. They
have continued to share their experience of the actual life of Christ living
in them and how that ensures fullness of life on earth, without all the
striving! This is something for every ordinary Christian and it is not sohard to understand intellectually, once the basic scriptural truths
presented. Jesus said, "the truth will set you free" and I have observed
that happening as the Holy Spirit has taken His truth and conveyed it to
those who have listened.
However, that is just the beginning. Intellectual knowledge alone is
inadequate and some stumble at that point of knowing, thinking that is all
they have to do – and get frustrated when they find things difficult. We
eventually find out that the difficulty is part of the learning. The Lord
needs to take our surrendered life and put it through His own refining
process. It is by this chastening and trial that the Spirit is able to speak
life and faith into a life of a person who is prepared to really follow the
Lord. Such experiential learning describes my life over the last 5 years.
I am writing this in mid 2008. What I am now writing and audio
recording is based on the experience of living out His life and from the
revelation of His Spirit as I walked the path of coming to know Christ in
person and not just knowing about Him.
Some may find it a revelation, others may find it quite incomplete – and in
a sense it is, because we can only ever take a snapshot of life as it is now
in our understanding – and that is what I have done here. I am not
saying I have arrived. No one ever does. I am merely on the journey.
(The only way anyone arrives it to go to heaven to be with the Lord) The
journey is always far more important than the destination. All we have is
the zoe life that the Lord provides us day by day. The destination we
know and the Lord's promises will get us to that destination. But the Bible
is also very much about the Lord's provisions and promises for the
journey, something that seems to have been at least partially lost in some
parts of Christendom.
The Lord has guided me into writing studies in a new way, the way that I
use when I get the opportunity to preach. (I am hoping that pastors and
teachers will not see these studies as sermons that they can immediately use for
themselves – it does not work like that, as good preachers and teachers know.
God's word needs to be spiritually imparted and this cannot be done with another
person's material, especially when it might be new to you) The format is
simple and easy to follow for either personal study or for small groups to
study together. Be a Berean! Check out everything that is written. The
studies are written to provide resources for you and the Holy Spirit to
work together, so you may come to know the Life of Christ within and the
fullness of the Spirit of God through true faith.
The written studies are provided in PDF format and the audio studies, as
they are recorded are provided in MP3 format. Some of the audio studies
will be in two parts to make for shorter download times. (By the way, the
audio teachings are presented a little slower than the average sermon – to help
Beginning in June 2008, I hope to add one study a month, God willing –
and I don't say that lightly, because it is only as He provides can I write
and teach. (if you get a bit frustrated and need to go on more quickly,
then all the study material is on the web site – and easily found)The first study, The Mystery of the NT, is foundational and should not be
overlooked. It is about what Paul the Apostle defines as THE mystery of
the NT out of which the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be lived. I have never
heard anyone preach this message. Hopefully, as people get to
understand this and apply it to their lives and in their churches, God's
church might go on more strongly to advance His Kingdom here on earth.
So, the Lord be with you as you go on with the Lord. Enjoy the journey!
I hope you might enjoy at least some of it with me.
Ken Walker
Fullness of Life in Christ at http://www.goodnews.org.au/fullness