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In the mists of time and in the busyness of life, sometimes the realities and most important things of life escape our gaze. Generations of family do not always pass down their wisdom, a parent or grandparent dies early, a war, a famine or plague intervenes... Also, in our youthful exuberance we did not listen to the wisdom of the older generation, or we did not read wise words, or the media took over our consciousness – and so we sometimes never know the true centrepieces of life that make life what it was meant to be. Knowing that we all have gaps in our wisdom and knowledge, keep these things in mind, as we tell the story of what needs to be known in these unpredictable days of life on this earth in 2013. There are some certainties! Here is one of them. This story is about one of the great wonders to come to this earth sometime soon.

Can you imagine a thousand years of peace on earth? Good! It's coming! Peace on earth is certain! Believe it or not! Soon, but not just yet!

You will need to read on (or listen) to give yourself the hope and strength that you will need to survive in this current world. It's called the Millennium, a period of 1000 years.

But first - Do you want to listen to or read this story?

If you would rather listen to this story with MP3 audio, then follow the instructions below. There are two audio files – part 1 and part 2. Part one is about 34 minutes and part two is 40 minutes. In many ways, listening is better because you hear the intonations of voice and all sorts of small ad libs that are not in the text. However, the story is still complete in this PDF file.

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Introducing the Millennium. Yes, the unbelievable is coming! Peace and joy on earth! Isn't that everyone's dream? 1000 years of peace! It will be during a time called the Millennium. The Millennium is the real world to come-and is coming! Wanting a new and better life? No more human governments to mess up your life! God Himself is going to reign over the whole earth. He is going to reignas King of the earth for 1000 years. Justice and fairness will be His norm for world government, along with peace, comfort and joy, living on a gloriously restored earth. How can all this be true you might ask? That's a fair question. When thinking of the world as it is now, we would not have much hope. Its economic system, its starving, suffering and deprived peoples, its wars, its pollution and the apparent hopelessness of the whole world system has reached its lowest ebb ever. Most of us would say it would take a miracle to change all that! Correct! It would! But, such a miracle is coming. And you won't know about it unless you read (or listen to) this story. Many already know, but many more need to know. However, will it all be that easy? No it will not. For a start, the world's overpowering injustice at this time will continue for some time yet. We don't know how long. Only God knows the time. But many signs, now in the world are based on those predictions of the Bible and it is on these we can base our hope. To make matters seem worse, a new period of unrest, conflict and tribulation will begin (perhaps not too far away) and will last for only 7 years. And then, after a huge war in the Middle East, God will begin His reign over the whole earth. After that war, there will be no opposing or evil forces in the world to oppose God. That war is called The Apocalypse or the Battle of Armageddon. Probably you have heard these words somewhere. And then....

The Millennial period on earth will begin.
The 1000 years of peace

This Millennium story has three parts.

B For now, we will all live in continuing trouble on earth, as we do now. C A little later, many, if not most people, will live in even worse troubled times for a period of 7 years. A Then, the Millennial period of 1000 years begins after the war of Armageddon.

(This story will be told in the sequence A, B, C, but will be lived in the sequence B to C to A. Considerable detail will be included as each of these are outlined in order to fully explain and qualify each of these time periods)

So, you can look forward to:

So, you can look forward to:

A Millennial period, living on earth, which is beyond the present trouble, and beyond a period of great tribulation on earth, into the glory of living on a restored earth under God’s direct rule. This is available to all, based on the conditions set out by God.

A What is the Millennial 1000 years on earth?

Of the three parts of this story, we are going to do the third part first, because it will bring hope to you that there is a way through life and because the millennial period will excite you about life like you have never been before. As we tell this story you will find it initially difficult to believe. It might sound like a fairy tale, but in fact will be a period of unprecedented economic stability, worldwide
peace and a world that normally only appears in the imagination or a wonderful dream. But this time it will all be real.

1 The Millennium is in the Bible. Why can it be believed?

You may well ask, “How do we know what is going to happen in the future”? A good question – and here is the answer. The Millennium and all related events are described in detail in the largest selling book in the world – The Bible. Over the years many people have provided their figures on the number of prophecies (predictions) in the Bible and how many of these have been fulfilled – and how many are still to come.

1.1 Statistical odds of chance occurrence.

The Bible is unique among all books ever written. It accurately foretells specific events in detail-many years before, sometimes centuries before they actually occur.  Approximately 2500 prophecies appear in the pages of the Bible, about 2000 of which already have been fulfilled to the letter - no errors – 100% accuracy. These figures will give you some idea of the accuracy of prediction of world events in the Bible. The possibilities of these occurring by chance are billions to 1, as further indicates in box  below. Here are 3 typical examples of the about 2000 already fulfilled 

Micah 5:2 told of the birth place of Jesus – fulfillment in Matthew 2:1

Zechariah 9:4 told of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem – fulfillment in John 12:13-14

Psalm 22:18 told of soldiers casting lots for garments of Jesus-fulfillment Matthew 15:24

Further details on the statistical reality of Bible prophecy

Dr. Hugh Ross (The remaining 500 or so reach into the future and may be seen unfolding as days go by.) Since the probability for any one of these prophecies having been fulfilled by chance averages less than one in ten (figured very conservatively) and since the prophecies are for the most part independent of one another, the odds for all these prophecies having been fulfilled by chance without error is less than one in 102000 (that is 1 with 2000 zeros written after it)! See Dr. Hugh Ross at http://www.reasons.org/articles/articles/fulfilled-prophecy-evidence-for-the-reliability-of

See more at http://www.bible.ca/b-prophecy-60.htm

1.2 You can be confident in what you read and hear in this story

So, you can immediately see that if the Bible has predicted such a large number of events that could not have occurred by chance, then it is a certainty that the remainder will also occur. As you read (or listen) you need to think that way. Doubt the Bible and you will not fully catch the story and its importance. For the moment, if doubts come, just suspend them for the time being.

The way forward >>>
Just decide for the time being at least that you are going to believe
that what is said is true – suspend your doubts

Having established the credibility of the Bible, we can now tell you what the Bible says about the Millennium

1.3 There are some alternative names for the Millennium (Here are some of them from Willmingtons Guide to the Bible)
1. The world to come (Heb. 2:5). 2. The kingdom of heaven (Mt. 5:10).
3. The kingdom of God (Mk. 1:14) 4. The regeneration (re-creation-Mt. 19:28).
5 The restoration of all things. (Acts 3:21)
6. The day of Christ. This is by far the most common biblical name for the
Millennium. See 1 Corinthians 1:8; 5:5; 2 Corinthians 1:14; Philippians 1:6; 2:16.

1.4 What happens before the Millennium?

This is where we come to begin to see the incredible and wonderful nature of life with God as it will be forever. This is where you will begin to be so excited about life with God that you will want it to come tomorrow. Hopes, expectations, dreams and emotions will go to great heights.

But we have to make comparisons with two other periods of life on earth with two periods prior to the Millennium. When the earth was created it was created in perfection. God said that it was good.

(It’s best to continue with the main story right now, but later if you want to know about the reality of creation, go to : http://www.itstime-now.com/5-1-files/159-516-creation-basics-god-created-the-world.html

1.5. The historical progression of man on the earth – in 3 stages

 The initial creation was perfect. (first box below)
 Man’s time on earth made him subject to sin and the earth was corrupted.
(second box below)
 When God takes personal control over the earth again, not only will people be
near perfect, but the whole creation will be restored near the beginning of the
Millennium. (Third box below)

From Perfection of
initial creation to Ruin
and corruption

Increasing ruination and
corruption over 6000
years of Biblical history

The Millennium !
Back to near

And now . . . . . !

The Millennium!

1.6. The Nature of the Millennium – the best time is yet to come

So now we can proceed with the most exciting news mankind has ever heard. What will life be like in the Millennium? How will the physical earth appear to us? How will the Millennium be organized and governed?

1.6.1 The physical creation. Imagine for a moment if you will, that you are in place, something like the most beautiful national or natural park you have ever seen. That is close to what many parts of the new physical world will be like. The perfection in the original creation will be largely restored to its former glory, lushness and beauty. Dr H.L Willmington describes the change like this. 

In Genesis 3, God cursed nature because of Adam’s sin. From that point on, God’s paradise for man became a wilderness. The roses suddenly contained thorns, and the docile tiger became a hungry meat-eater. But during the Millennium all this will change. St Paul describes the transformation for us in his book written to the Romans. “For all creation is waiting patiently and hopefully for that future day when God will resurrect his children. For on that day thorns and thistles, sin, death, and decay—the things that overcame the world against its will at God’s command—will all disappear, and the world around us will share in the glorious freedom from sin which God’s children enjoy. “For we know that even the things of nature, like animals and plants, suffer in sickness and death as they await this great event”, (Romans 8:19-22, tlb). Notice all those features about the new state of the earth. We will not have to worry about any species dying out as we do now, but just live to enjoy what God has provided.

1.6.2 Animal behaviour. Animal behaviour will change. Those that used to eat each other, now live in peaceful harmony. Wild animals will lie together with the weak and will eat together.

Examples Isaiah 11:6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. Isaiah 11:7 And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.

1.6.3. What will life be like in the Millennium? Here is the best news!

If you doubt any of them you can look them up in the Bible. Or, you don’t have a Bible in your home, you can get on online at


1.6.3. What will life be like in the Millennium? This is the best news of all.

(Life in the Millennium will be totally different to life on earth as we know it. So, if you doubt any of them you can look them up in the Bible references provided.

However we suggest you just focus on all of the points first, then do some checking later if you wish. Or, you don’t have a Bible in your home, you can get on online at


Longevity will be restored. People will be able to live through the entire millennial period. Zechariah 8:4, Isaiah 65:20)
 The whole creation will be redeemed so as to be almost as it was in Eden.
(Romans. 8:19-22; Isaiah 49:8 )
 Those with natural bodies (i.e.those who live through the tribulation period on
earth) will be able to marry and bear children. (Ezek. 47:22; Zech. 10:8).
However, millions of babies will evidently be reared in the millennium. They will
be born of saved but mortal Israelite and Gentile parents who survived the
tribulation and entered the millennium in that state of mortality
 Those with glorified bodies – as Jesus had (i.e. those who who come with
Christ from heaven) will not marry or bear children. (1Corinthians 15:42-44)
 Sickness will be removed because God will be able to heal any illnesses as
Jesus did when He was on earth. (Isaiah 33:24; Jeremiah 30:17; Ezekiel. 34:16).
 Even the lame, the deformed, the handicapped will benefit from the healing power
of God. Think of the suffering that will alleviate! (Isaiah. 29:17-19; Isaiah 35:3-
6; Isaiah 61:1-2; Jeremiah. 31:8;).
 Animal behaviour will be changed so as to lose its venom and ferocity. This is
because of the removal of the curse on the earth. (Isaiah. 11:6-9; Isaiah
35:9; Isaiah 65:25).
 People will be free from all oppression and war. Due to the firm rule of God
there will be no social, political or religious conflict. (Isaiah. 14:3 ; Isaiah 49:8-
9; Zechariah. 9:11).
 Protection. There will be a supernatural work of preservation of life in the
millennial age through the King (Isaiah. 14:3-6; Isaiah 42:6-7; (Isa. 41:13; Jeremiah
23:6; Joel 3:16-17; Amos 9:15; Amos 9:8.)
 God will reign over the whole earth for all people – justice will be everyday
normal. (Isaiah. 9:7; Isaiah 65:21; Jeremiah 23:5)
 There will be unprecidentd economic prosperity, so there will be no want or
hunger. There will be no difficult labour issues because of the presence of a
perfect economic system. (Isaiah 35:1, Isaiah 65:21-23; Jeremiah. 31:12; Ezekiel
34:26; Ezekiel 36:29-30; Joel 2:21-27; Amos 9:13-14; Micah 4:1; Zechariah 8:12; Zecharia

God will look after everyone, so they will be comfortable in life. (Isaiah. 12:1-
2; Isaiah 49:13; Isaiah 51:3; Isaiah 66:13-14; Zephaniah. 3:18; Revelation 21:4)
 Crops will produce abundently, as the environment and soils will have been
restored. Extra light will be availabe. (Isaiah 30:26; Isaiah 60:19-20; Zech. 2:5; Ezek.
 The period will not be characterized by idleness, but there will be a perfect
economic system, in which the needs of men are abundantly provided for by labor
in that system, under the guidance of the King. There will be a fully developed
industrialized society, providing for the needs of the King’s subjects (Isa.
62:9; Isaiah 65:21-23; Jeremiah. 31:5)
 This period will be a glorious kingdom, because of the presence of God in His
Kingdom. Fullness of joy will be everywhere. (Isaiah. 9:2; Isaiah 14:7,
Isaiah 25:8-9; Isaiah 30:29; Isaiah 42:11-12; Isaiah 52:9; Isaiah 60:15; Isaiah 61:7)
 People will be taught about God and His ways and they will easily understand
these things, which is rather different on earth right now. (Isaiah 2:1-3; Isaiah
25:9; Isaiah 29:24; Isaiah 30:20-21; Isaiah 32:3 ; Jeremiah. 3:15; Jerimah 23:3 ; Micah 4:2;
Isaiah 11:9; Isaiah 54:13; Habukkuk 2:14).
 Holiness and perfect behaviour will be present in every aspect of life, which will
bring real unexpressable comfort to every heart and mind. Imagine that! (Isa.
4:3; Isaiah 35:8, Isaiah 60:21; Isaiah 61:10; Ezekiel 36:26-28; Zechariah 8:3 )
 Perfect peace will be over the whole earth. (Isaiah 2:4; Isaiah 9:7; Isaiah 32:17-
18, Isaian 33:6; Isiah 54:13; Isaiah 66:12; Ezekiel 28:26; Zechariah. 9:10)
 The glory of God will be manifest in the Kingdom. (Isaiah. 4:2; Isaiah 24:23; Isaiah
35:2; Isaiah 40:5)
 Except for a small skirmish that God has with Satan near the end of the 1000
years, there will be no wars of conflicts anywhere on the earth. (Revelation 20:7-
 A most interesting aspect of life will be that there will be no language barriers
because everyone will speak the same language. (Zeph. 3:9) This is a reversal
of what God did with the language of mankind, at the tower of Babel about 2144
BC, when he confused their language, so that all spoke differenlty.
 Everyone will worship the same God, so there will be no religious divides. (Isaiah
45:23; Isaiah 52:1, Isaiah 52:10 10; Isaiah 66:18-22; Zecharia 13:2; Zecharia 14:16; Malachi
1:11; Revelation 5:9-10, 12, 14.

What an extraordinary provision by God! What do you think? It does not come from Alice in Wonderland, or Camelot. It all came from the Word of God, the Bible, which, if you have accepted its truth, you will be beginning to accept the surprise, incredible elements of life in the Millennium, even though they do sound too good to be true. Believe me, they are true and are available for YOU!

(Remember, this story is being told in the sequence A, B, C, but will be lived in the sequence B to C to A.

B Life in the world at this present time.

1 Economic life. Having now told of the incredible nature of life in the Millennium, we can now look at life as it is now in May 2013. As we all have some knowledge of the world as it is, with all its horror, fears and false hopes, this section only needs to be a short summary.

For several years the state of the world finances has been close to collapse, the collapse of 2008 being evidence of this. Since 2008, the situation has worsened with many countries going bankrupt and many of these borrowing off each other and not being able to repay their debt, except for extraordinary grants by organizations such as the IMF. Without that support many of these countries would have gone bankrupt and the domino effect would have gone around the world bringing down the whole world system. Right now, in May of 2013, from the evidence available it seems that another collapse is virtually inevitable. That is the nature of our economic life right now. A fuller description (please read later) can be found at http://www.itstime-now.com/2.html

2 Environmental life

The matter of climate change hangs over our head like nothing else that has ever threatened the existance of mankind. The Doomsayerss of climate change have forecast dire changes to the world which would seem to make life more and more impossible.
So if you believe the point of climate change it is not a very nice prospect either for us, our children, or grandchildren. So our lives seem to be threatened and under this unseen pressure to conform, as when governments decide that we pay a carbon tax. So whether or not we are forced, believe it, that pressure is there in our life. Not a nice set of life experiences on earth right now! Climate change and global warming, as it is being expressed in the media and by Government is actually a furphey or a red herring! (A furphy is Australian slang for a What an extraordinary provision by God! What do you think? It does not come from Alice in Wonderland, or Camelot. It all came from the Word of God, the Bible, which, if you have accepted its truth, you will be beginning to accept the surprise, incredible elements of life in the Millennium, even though they do sound too good to be true. Believe me, they are true and are available for YOU!rumour, or an erroneous or improbable story that will never eventuate. A Red Herring is something that leads people away from the truth. You could also use the word hoax) It is being presented to the world as a natural phenomena threatening the world, whereas its intended use is for political purposes only. Scientists and cynics have not been able to agree on many aspects of the whole issue. Even if the climate is changing,(which is seems to be) the manner in which it is being used by most world leaders, Governments to ultimately take control over countries and the world, for very secretive dubious purposes (as was the case in the Copenhagen Climate change conference in late 2011). The purported consequences of climate change are being used for surrupticous purposes. See Lord Christopher Monckton at

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVd8OwvNZ5Y He clearly spells it out better than  anyone. For more on that go to http://www.itstime now.com/6-files/179-61- another-way-to-look-at-climate-change-.html (read later )

3 Population growth and food supply.

World population has doubled in the last 40 years up to 1999 and has reached 7 billion in 2012. Many poor nations, or those with geographical disaadvantage, are not now able to provide sufficient food and water for their peoples. Prices have escalated, limiting both availability and distribution. There are powerful forces, through their hidden agendas, that operate to bring about personal or corporate gain to the detriment of many people. The United Nations say they will be unable to supply food relating to both need, availability and financing. So millions will starve.

Nearly 60% of humans in the world are currently malnourished, so the need for grains and other basic foods is critical. Growing crops for fuel squanders land, water and energy resources, vital for the production of food for human consumption. For example, using corn for ethanol production increases the price of U.S. beef, chicken, pork, eggs, breads, cereals, and milk between 10% and 30%.

All these factors working together, particularly in the light of further economic disaster, will mean death to many of the world's peoples, the numbers increasing as time passes. For more on this go to http://www.itstime-now.com/1-files/133-food-and-resources-more-scarce-and-expensive.html 

(Suggest reading it later)

4 Authoritarian and other abnormalities in life.

Here is a brief summary of the areas of life in the world that makes life more and more outside of our personal control.

 Increasing horrific evil in the world. Man’s inhumity to man!

 Lowering of moral values and search for instant gratification leading to
fragmentation and social unrest in life.
 Interferences to agriculture, manufacturing, services and personal finances,
particularly due to unstable financial systems that touches everything in life.
 Increasing personal, civil and political violence, threatening personal safety,
authoritarian controls, along with interferences to overseas and local trade. In
Australia our manufacturing and farm industries are being decimated. We now
import what we could produce ourselves. For more on this, see

http://www.itstime-now.com/1-files/134-far-reaching-interferences-to-normal-life.html (read later for detail)

In summary of part B of this three part story, we can see that these four points surely demonstrate the nature of life on earth right now. Not very desireable at all! However, something better is eventually available. Read on – as it gets worse first, before it can get better.

C The 7 year tribulation period to come before the Millennium

Having spoken about the exciting Millennial period to come and a few short words about current life on earth, we can move onto the worse time to come on the earth. This is the most difficult part to speak about, as listeners or readers may initially want to reject or throw out as though this was from the crazynes of some sort of lunatics. However, first remember the statistical odds of any of the Biblical predictions coming about by chance, for the sake of us telling you what is still to come, the best thing is a simple acceptance until you have heard the whole story. Try to set aside fears or judgements until then. As you listen or read, remember that all these things are recorded in various parts of the Bible, as to happen in the future. We do not know the WHEN, but we do know all the events; even though some sequences are known about many aspects of these times.

Here is a brief description of those 7 years. (Actually it is exactly 2520 days, about 37 days short of our 7 calendar years)

God will allow, for a period, for a world dictator to take over the full contol of the world. The Bible refers to him as The Beast. Some people use the term Antichrist. This period of a permitted takeover might seem strange, but God has His purposes during this period of unrestraint of evil. The Beast will take over the world, when the peoples of the world are in such a desperate position in every aspect of life, that when this man stands up and says he can fix the world and all its problems, the peoples of the world will be so desperate that they will fully accept his leadership. Every country of the world from a political  point of view will embrace him. Remember, this is not fiction, but the reality of the Bible, already partly seen in the world.

For the first three and a half years of the seven years (1260 days) he will appear to all as the saviour of the world, because in various ways he will begin to meet their needs, all appearing to be genuine. People will believe he is God and has come to save the world. Then, around the midway point of the 7 years he will do a complete about face and take over the world with extreme autocracy, even stating that he is God. It will have been a short honeymoon. His attempts to impersonate God will of course fail and will cause the whole world to suffer like it has never suffered before, nor will again.

During this time, God has His own agenda being played out.

First, at some point in time, either at, or hopefully somewhere early in the 7 years, God will remove all His believing people from the earth and take them to Heaven where they will be safe from most, or all of the tribulation on the earth. Don’t be surprised, as at least four people in the Bible had this incredible experience. This taking away of His saints is called the Rapture. These people are those who, at some point in their lives, have committed their lives to the belief that God’s son, Jesus Christ, not only is their maker / creator, but they also believe in what the Bible says about His ability to save them from eternal death. So they will be safe. Obviously, it is best to be included and be safe for all eternity.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so simple and yet quite profound

In its simplest form, it is that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, being a sinless person, died on the cross for the sins of every person on the earth, thus paying the penalty for us, by taking on Himself the sins of every person in the whole world. Having died for that purpose, He was then resurrected by the power of God. The way any person may benefit by what He did is to believe what the Bible says He did, by confession of their sins and by repentance, and so enter into a new way of life. (When that takes place, God actually places His Spirit within them) So in effect, we can partake of His resurrection and receive eternal life by our believing. That is the truth simply expressed. You may need to read more about this to accept and understand this. For further on how to know how to be in that state’ go to http://www.itstime-now.com/5-2-files/172-528-the-one-thing-you-must-do-.html 

( read anytime, but try to get a goodunderstanding of it all before you act on these things )

Secondly, God has promised to punish people who have not acknowledged Him in their lives. This harsh punishment will come upon the earth in all manner of terrible physical events All of the following punishments on the earth will occur during this seven years. Here are a few examples. A third of trees will be burnt up and all grasses, along with a third of the sea becoming blood, whilst a third of sea creatures die and a third of ships will be destroyed. A great star will fall from Heaven, burning like a torch, and fall on a third of the rivers. A third of the waters became Wormwood, and many people will die from the water, because it was made bitter. A third of the sun will be struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them will be darkened. Also by three plagues a third of mankind will be killed. These, and many more are found in the last book in the Bible – The Book of Revelation – or The Apocolypse. You may well think that God is going to have a bad day at this time. You might also ask “All these things you say God is going to do!! I do not believe God would hurt human beings so much - He is supposed to be a God of love. Apparently even otherwise seemingly “good” peope who have lived well have no guarantee of going to Heaven. Here is the answers to that paradox. Why would God want to leave peope out of Heaven and punish them? God has given mankind thousands of years to learn about Him and His ways. The Bible says that His creation is evidence of His presence and interest in the earth and its peoples. However, He is a just and holy God and will reward righteous behaviour and will punish wrong behaviour. We need to know Him, otherwise we cannot have future participation in His Kingdom, which will be holy in every respect. Every person must commit their life to Him before all this happens. But remember there is still time to become holy as He is holy. There is only one requirement to get to Heaven. It is to seek Him and His wisdom to the point where we can recognise our sinful ways, and our previous unbelief in God and confess our sin and undertake not to continue in wrong ways. In one sense, unbelief is the only sin. ‘Only one is good’ and Jesus said that is God the Father. “Good” people do not go to Heaven unless they have received the salvation of God by His the Spirit.

SO, at the same time, the Beast is allowed by God to bring havoc to the earth, God Himself is beginning His destruction of the earth. Quite a sobering thought! Telling this story is to help you see the way through it all. HOWEVER, by some set of miracles some of those on the earth for those 7 years will survive and inhabit and epopulate an earth replenished by God. There is much more detail that cannot be included here – this has been the briefest of what could only be told fully in many books. To see more detail (to read later) go to http://www.itstime-now.com/fasttrack.htm

Some readers and listeners will accept and understand this easily. However, don’t be disappointed if you don’t initially accept and believe. Focused determined reading and listening will get you there.

Some other important facts you need to know

The story that has been told here has covered three periods of life, the present time, the time of great tribulation on the earth and the 1000 year Millennial period to follow. Many people have not had the good fortune of an upbringing in world and biblical things and some are in fact blinded by the world’s influence. The real truth remains slightly hidden but has been and can be learned by any person. So, what does all this mean to each person? If you have not believed or have questions, then read and listen some more until you see these important truths – as your eternal life depends on it. However, if you have taken on board and believe what you have been told here, then your options are:

Option 1
Get to know God. Receive the
salvation of God and be
raptured and go to Heaven,
away from most of the time of
tribulation on the earth.

Option 2
If you do not receive the salvation of God before the
Rapture, you will need to suffer the tribulation
period on earth. If you survive during that time, you
will need to receive the salvation of God prior to the
return of Christ to the earth at the end of the 7 year

We know from the Bible (which is honest in telling of what will happen) that many people remaining on the earth after the rapture will die, although some will live.

When is all this going to happen? Only God knows! (No dates are known by anyone except God Himself)

Whilst the various books in the Bible provide us with all the information, we do not need to know the times between most of these events. The Bible does not provide which day, month or year these events will begin. (this is intentional so we will trust God with it all) Many people have suggested dates. (such people are known as date-setters) They cannot know from any schemes worked out from the black and white print of the Bible. The mere fact that people suggest dates makes other parts of their beliefs questionable. So, there is only one way to approach all this and that is to “be prepared and be ready”, so that when the time comes you cannot miss out. For more, see How soon is soon? at http://www.itstime-now.com/7-files/203-71-how-soon-is-soon-.html

However, we are not totally blind on the WHEN these things may begin, as Jesus said to watch the signs for His coming and all the events that will precede His coming. The writers of this story have all watched the signs for some time and see most of the signs as being almost in place. Everything that has been written and said here, has been taken from the Bible, all the details of which were planned by God before the beginning of earthly time.

However, there is one more amazing piece of news you must know!

God’s last, best and biggest surprise

What you have seen and heard here is not the end of the story. Everyone has heard of Heaven. There will be a new Heaven and a new earth. All of those saints who come out of the Millennial period will then be provided by God with a new place to live – FOREVER!!! ETERNALLY. That is what eternal life is. (Isiah 65:17, Isaiah 66:22, 2 Peter 3:13, Revelation 21:1) The result of all this – a near perfect life

Is that what you need? Is that what you want? For you? Your family? Your friends?

Please Remember
The focus of this story is tell about the Millennium and life on earth prior to that. The Millennium is one of the wonders that God will provide to those who believe in Him. However, do not let it escape your notice that although God makes everything possible it is up to every individual person to meet God’s requirement - His salvation - an incredible gift - required of every person alive right now. We should be seeking Him to cleanse us from all sin. Start to learn about these things later at http://www.goodnews.org.au/fullness/index2008rc.htm

Concluding remarks. God, our Creator knew the beginning of all things and knows the various endings of this story. The Bible is disaramingly clear on what has happened in the past. Bible history goes back at least 6000 years, and expresses the exact detail

of what is happening now, in the time preceding the Millennium, the Millennium itself and the New Heavens and Earth after the Millennium. Not one prediction in the Bible has failed and all others must come true because God cannot lie. With all this in mind, this story has been written to reach out to the millions who have never heard these things, or only parts of it, so that they have never had the opportunity, even now, to redirect their lives. To some this will be a huge shock, but it is a shock worth going through. You can believe that God is real – and that He answers prayer, even though in His own time. But if you decide to earnesty seek Him,
He will find you. In many ways, this earthly life is just a test run for what is fully available to all.

The world in general makes fun of such words as Armageddon, yet it will be a real event. The second coming of Jesus Christ will be the biggest, most magnificantly real event that the world has ever seen. There is no safety in the world, the only safety is in knowing Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour and Lord.

Both you and I face the potential (eventual certainty) for all these things to occur sometime, perhaps near future. Having now read the story, you at least know something about it all. Share it with your family and friends, not in fear but in hope. You may ask yourself why are all these things looming upon us at this time in history – in OUR lifetime and in the lifetime of 7 Billion people upon the earth? And why does it seem like we cannot do anything to repair the world and seem to have no say in what is going on? The only answer I can give is that God, being sovereign over the whole earth actually has control of everything, even when it does not seem like it. God sets the times for all things. I have to accept the fact that not all my extended family/friends/ believers know these things about God or current events that we all need to know. But God knows, and He has the power to influence and save anyone who desires the best outcome. One thing I feel keenly is for people younger than I. My concern for them is that if these times come sooner rather than later, they may feel like they will be robbed of the normal things they would expect to do in life, by way of childhood, careers, family etc. All true! However, remember what Jesus said in Mathew 24:36. “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only”. HOWEVER, the best of consolations is available to them. Put succinctly, people who go into the Millennium to live will go into a near perfect world and not have to go through a longer life on earth with all the evil that now abounds. Think about it! Read again the nature of the Millennium, and by finding God, look forward to enjoying the Millennium.

You may have further questions. Some of them are already answered in an FAQ at http://www.itstime-now.com/51/161-518-frequently asked-questions-.html Please read those first and other online references that are provided in the Appendix below. May you come to know the Spirit of God and may He guide and bless you during the rest of your life.

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Althought many references were used from the following list, they are not quoted in detail during the telling of this story. Apart from specific details about the Millennium and events prior to it, much of the story is written from accumlated knowledge of years of Bible study and observations of life in this changing world. J.W. de Silva, Outlines in Bible Prophecy, Published by John Ritchie Ltdd Christian Publications (UK) 2010 Dr. D.H Willmington, Willmington’s Guide to the Bible, Tyndale House Publications, Inc Wheaton, Illinois USA 1984

K and V Walker Escape from Armageddon, Published by Good News Australia 1997. Available to be read online at http://www.itstime now.com/8-files/21-0-86-escape-from-armageddon.html This is the whole story in the form of a novel.

The Soon Team, It’s Time Now – Time for what? This is the best online source. It provides an extensive resource on all related aspects of this subject and more Online at http://www.itstime-now.com/8-files/210-86-escape-from-armageddon.html