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Yes; God!

Well, sometimes (you might say)

So, what comes to mind when you hear that Word God?


1 Is it a quiet wondering about God (but you don’t any real time to it)

2 Or is it a little scary, because you have heard people talk of an end to this world. (there is an end to the age, but not to the world right now)

3 Or do you just dismiss the thought immediately – because you know little about God – and feel somewhat helpless and hopeless.

4 Or are you just too busy with work, life and its pleasure, so just get on with those. Well, if you are like any of those, you are not alone. Have you ever felt that life is like a fridge where you’re kept in the dark until someone opens the door and wants something? Or, like a mirror where normally you see things clearly but when it cracks, everything changes. Many people in the world are the same! So don’t be surprised. If so, what you are about to hear will be good news for you! (And everyone else in the world who doubts the existence of God or little about Him) Here is what you are going to hear about right now. Take a listen, at least once.


1 God does exist and has begun a plan for the world – and for the world, including you and me.

2 You can know about this plan and take part in it. God’s plan addresses these issues.


• Is there more to life than what seems to be there? Could there be something missing? Why are we here anyway?

• What are you looking for in life? Can there be real meaning to life?

• Is there another life after death? Do you know that the world in its present form will dramatically change one day soon?

• Do you know what God intended for you in your life? Lots of questions aren’t there? All are important. Here is the beginning of some answers.


◊ God does exist and has always had a plan for this world for every period of time – and for every person. God is a billion times more knowing and powerful than we can ever imagine in our wildest dreams.

◊ Most of human-kind has never fully accepted that God is the sovereign owner of the world and has all power over its functioning and its future.

◊ The greed of mankind has led to every form of malfunction in the world and injustice to its peoples and nations.

◊ The self-centeredness of mankind has led him to believe he knows better than God, whereas the wisdom of God is far above that of man. King Solomon, given great wisdom by God, finally sais this about life.

“Here is what I have found,” says the Preacher, Adding one thing to the other to find out the reason, which my soul still seeks but I cannot find: Truly, this only I have found: That God made man upright, but they (mankind) have sought out many schemes (of their own).” Ecclesiastes 7:27-29. So, although God gave man everything, man ignored Him to find his own answers.

◊ Whilst the suffering we see everywhere will continue for a time, there is an end in sight as all these events will result in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to this earth, when He will begin His rule of 1000 years.

◊ Before that, there will be signs before His coming. Most of those signs are present right now in 2012.

◊ However, the disobedience of mankind to the requirements of God, for man to live peacefully and with true love, does require the intervention of God, so that God can bring the earth back into order again.

◊ God intervention is required because mankind has rarely lived as God intended and God always knew that intervention would be needed. Ultimately it will be to man's advantage for God to do what He intends. There will be unimaginable benefits in the return of Jesus Christ to rule directly over the earth. If you really knew these, you would want them right now. Can you hear that in all this, we can have hope! The hope is in Jesus Christ and what He has promised to do. The Bible makes it very clear. Here is why you can rely on the words of the Bible.


• The Bible’s predictions are 100% accurate. They have been shown to predict the future over thousands of years. Here are just a few examples.

• The birth of Jesus Christ was predicted by Isaiah in 732 B.C. 728 years prior to

the birth of Jesus Christ.

• The betrayal of Jesus Christ was written about by Zechariah in 494 B.C.

• Jesus predicted that Jerusalem would be destroyed and the Temple of God wrecked. This happened 40 years later in A.D 70 when the armies of Roman Emperor Titus, did just that.


But note the most important fact; that there are only 18 events to actually happen in this world as we know it – of a total of 738 that are in the Bible. All the others are now in the past. 

Given that 719 of these prophecies have actually happened over world history, the remaining 18 are quite certain. The mathematical chances of all these predictions coming true by chance have been calculated to be billions to one to have happened by chance. 

So, there is no chance in any of these things. God has ruled over all of history. Jesus Christ came to earth the first time. He has promised to come a second time. That too is certain.

The second coming of Jesus Christ to this earth has been foretold.

However, the exact timing of His coming is not known, although Jesus said His second coming is near at hand. Recent and current world events are definite signs of His coming - in terms of financial systems, global warming, population levels and food supplies are strong indicators that conditions and signs of the second coming are now here.


The purposes of His second coming are many, but two stand out.

1 It is to bring salvation to those who are waiting for Him. (So - do you know Him and are you waiting for Him?)

2 For God to take to Himself all those who are ready. Jesus warned everyone to be ready at any time. He said that He is coming at an hour when we do not think He will.

So, you can see that safety and eternal life is available to those who have been born again and received salvation before He comes. Once Jesus comes, it will be too late to receive salvation and go to heaven. (You will have noticed the emphasis here on the coming of the Lord. Had this been written say 100 years ago, the emphasis would have been on knowing God before you die. Today in 2012, both are important because no one knows which will come first)


Here’s some extra things you need to know.

• There is life after death.

• There is a God in heaven.

• Yes, heaven is a literal place. Yes, Jesus did rise from the dead. At a particular time, all believers will do the same.

• Yes there is a judgement day – for everyone.

• God, right now, loves you more that you could know.

• Yes God will forgive anything you have done wrong in your life. Jesus Promised that.

• The worst sin you can do is NOT believe God

• Jesus is waiting now for you to come to Him.


The only answer there can be to life is to trust in Jesus Christ and do what He says in the Bible.

We understand that for people who know little about what you have heard, these things, it may come as quite a shock. But put it this way. Is it not better to find out sooner rather than later, perhaps when it is too late - even though it is difficult for you right now?

Consider the world as you know it right now. You will have observed the increased levels of self-centeredness, greed, corruption and unloving that is present. We all need to be able to love each other, but to be that way we need the Spirit of God and the life of Christ within us. There is no other way to have that, but to have God in our lives.

The problem has been that many people have never had the chance to know about God and the Bible. So don't you be embarrassed about that! The advice given here is to give everyone a chance, at whatever stage of life they are at, to know God as He always intended, because at some point it will be too late.

This message is for every person on the earth right now.

We don't know exactly when Jesus Christ is returning but we do know it is unlikely to be far away – we should assume it could be Soon!


Jesus Christ said to everyone – Be Ready – by knowing Him!

Before we finish, here is a short history of God we should know about. Recorded human history is just 6000 years old. Any other history scientific or otherwise can finally be seen as speculation, supposition and even guesswork. As a test, try and find some recordings of actual history that go back any further. You will not find anything before that time. It would be all speculation.

The writings of Moses, of the first five books of the Bible, are one of the oldest known recordings of actual history. Although Moses was not there for those 2500 years of that history, the oral history tradition of the Jewish people was then so strong that every word written by Moses either came to him by that oral tradition, or (and most importantly) by the words of the Spirit of God telling him or confirming the oral history that he knew so well. So we can rely on all 66 books of the Bible which were given by The Spirit of God to men.

God knew all these things would take place before they ever actually happened. So at the beginning, there was a plan which encompassed 6000+ years which brings us to the present time. In Biblical genealogy, this year of 2012 is the year 6016.

So in one sense all this should be no surprise. So you should try to learn why Jesus came the first time and His offer of a redeemed life, for those who choose to believe.

God's next steps were already planned, namely that after allowing man to try and manage his own world (and fail) God would send Jesus again, this time to personally manage the earth, after eliminating the evil forces that had gathered strength during the last 2000+ years. These plans were known about at the beginning of human history.

Perhaps all this is a shock to your sensibilities! But that’s only because you have not known God’s truth before. Mankind has become used to living on the earth provided by God and does not want and cannot imagine any change to what has been going on for 6000 years. The last 100 years or so, have seen considerable changes for the benefit of mankind. There of medical, social, scientific and the like, which have been truly amazing.

However, mankind has forgotten whose planet it is and who created it. Man has been so centred around his own self and what he wants to do, he has become blinded by his own achievement.

Despite God's ways and means of teaching man through His creation and His written word, many of mankind has not taken sufficient notice of the plan God had for our future. This future is not going to be according to the will of man, but the will of God.

Right now, mankind has to realize all this and be ready.

Finally, here is a description from the Prophet Daniel about the end of the things of this age, summed it up in his writings in 537 B.C.

Daniel 12: 1-2 "....At that time Michael (the archangel) shall stand up, The great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people; And there shall be a time of trouble, Such as never was since there was a nation, Even to that time. And at that time your people shall be delivered, Everyone

who is found written in the book. And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, Some to everlasting life, Some to shame and everlasting contempt..."

For you, Daniel’s words need to both act as a statement to you, as to what will be precious words of hope and as a warning to you, to seek the true and living God.


We hope you will awake to everlasting life.

We hope you will now realize why your knowledge of these things is important, not only for your life on earth during these troubled times, but for your eternal life, forever with the God of Heaven.


What can you do next?

The first thing to do is ask for God’s help. Here is a short prayer from the

Bible which asks for God’s help.

“Show me your way God, teach me your paths, Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Saviour and my hope is In You all day long.” Psalm 25:4-5

From here on, hopefully being motivated to learn more, you will need to do

some listening and or reading, or both.


Here are some suggestions.

1 Perhaps read or listen to all this again. Each time you do will increase your understanding.

2 Read about God’s law. You need to know God’s standards, and to know that it is impossible to achieve on your own. Search for it on the site.

3 Go to  www.fullnessoflifeinchrist.com  Click on New Study Units

4 Find unit number 14 which is “How God captures a man. Nebuchadnezzar and me”. You can either read the PDF file or listen to the MP3 audio file.

5 Then, find unit number 13 which is “Windows into the Gospel”. You can either read the file or listen to the MP3 audio file.

After listening or reading these, look around for others that might interest you – for example, unit 11 and unit 1.


You have now begun your education towards knowing God

Continue to seek God through these teachings and He will find you and meet you.

If you want to read a more complete version of what you have heard or seen here, then these two sites provide the whole story in some detail.


Ken Walker

Monday, 16 January 2012