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Ken Walker is the Webmaster of this site. He began to use the Internet at the very early stage of 1994 to provide studies about Christianity and for evangelization purposes around the world.

He is now retired after life experience in Engineering, Production Management, teaching in Secondary and Post-Secondary Schools and Colleges. From an early background in the church, he focussed on study and work commitments, completing a BA Honours degree. However, his later studies in Biblical Theology at two of Australia Bible Colleges had a later, greater influence on his life.

This influence was enhanced by a a number of Bible teachers, both local and overseas. Locally, John D, John M, Pastor Rod and Ian. McD, retired Principal of Emmaus Bible College, provided teaching and guidance. Overseas, Brian C , Linda B , Dee Dee W, Pastor Dan S and Dr Paul A-W, who were all familiar with the teachings of Norman Grubb, were a catalyst for the breakthrough that everyone needs in their spiritual life.

Wonderful and interesting it is also, how certain friends such as Ron B enhanced his life. Ron is grace personified. Ken remembers Gary B also, especially in his assistance in the technical aspects of computers. Ken's wife Val has supported him in his ministry and even co-authored a novel with him .  Likewise, Jackie L, a Sister and close friend of Ken and his wife, greatly influenced him towards using his theological knowledge into a more humble, graceful and truthful practicality.

In Jackie's widowhood, she had made the Lord her husband, and so learned His ways. She lives the Life of Christ through the Spirit of God, as God intended for all of us who call ourselves Christian. This life out of the Mystery of the Life of Christ within us, is actually the centre-piece of the whole Gospel message. That has become Ken's main teaching theme.

Over all these people, the Holy Spirit has been the closest guide, comforter and teacher in the truth of The Word of God.

Upon retirement his passion has been to provide teachings though means of the internet, and of the wonders of a life with Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour. He has two particular teaching interests. The first is to provide further teaching for Christians in material he calls Fullness of Life in Christ. The second is to provide teaching on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to this world, and the huge changes in world affairs that is happening now, leading towards The Second Coming.