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This file contains the best set of questions and answers about life you could ever

read in your whole life!!!!

Dear Reader,

This questionnaire is the result of 20 years of thorough research and

investigation. Please read and consider closely and carefully. All decisions are yours....

Is there life after death?

Does the devil exist?

Is Hell real?

Is there an eternal God?

Do infants, babies. children who die, go to heaven?

Is Heaven a literal place?

Am I a sinner?

Does God l love me?

Was Jesus Christ dead three days?

Is Christ alive right now?

Is Jesus himself God?

Is my whole life recorded?

Is there a Judgement Day?

Do souls burn forever in Hell?

Is the Bible total truth?

Is the devil a killer, deceiver, liar?

Will I die?

Can only Christ forgive sin?

Does Jesus carry wounds and scars for me?

Are angels real?

Did Christ know me, as He hung on the Cross'?

Did He give His Life, Blood, Body, for me'?

Must I personally confess all sins to Him?

Should I regularly attend church?

Can I speak to God?

Should parents take children to Sunday School?

Is Marriage sacred?

Is God against divorce?

Does God know my sins?

Is abortion murder?

Is Jesus waiting for me to come to Him?

Will He accept and save me, just as I am?

Do I need the Holy Spirit to quicken me?

Is the worst sin . . . unbelief?

Am I in peril (spiritual darkness) until "reborn"?

Will God only accept prayer, in His Sons Name?

Am I immortal, soul and spirit (exclude the body)?

The answer to each question above is . . . Yes!

Are all religions the same?

Is evolution fact and right?

Is God interested in my opinions, views, ideas or beliefs?

Does reincarnation exist?

Is death and the grave, the end?

Is God cruel, unkind, callous?

Can I blame God for anything?

Are others worse than me, in Gods sight'?

Is there a second chance when I die?

Can the dead be contacted?

Is "Allah " God?

Does Christ accept Lodges (Freemasons, etc.) ?

Are cult and sect members saved?

Is there relief, water, or escape in Hell?

Will God punish, refuse, reject or scold me, if I come to Him?

Can scientists find the source and answer to life?

Am I saved if I attend church, been baptised, confirmed'?

Are catastrophes or disasters, caused by God?

Can Satan stop me, from coming to the Cross?

Do all ministers and priests go to heaven?

Have I a valid excuse for rejecting Christ?

Is there error in the Bible?

Can I "make it my way"?

Do drug addicts, drunkards, gamblers. thieves, go to Heaven?

Can I have, (or claim) "my own religion"?

Am I too late, or too far gone, . . . to be saved'?

The answer to every one of these questions is .... NO!

Written by Alan H. Scott, Box 849, Shepparton 3630 Vic. Placed on

Acts 2.38

Repent, and be baptised every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for

the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.