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Despite the fact that the Bible of the Christian Faith explains what God has done, is doing and will do on this earth, the generations born in the last 30 years have not been so well taught the fundamentals as well as their parents were. That the world is a worse place for this is rather obvious. Individualism, nationalism and selfishness are now the driving forces in the world heading towards another meeting with its Maker.

The WWW is a wonderful way of reminding people of the basis of life on this earth. Hopefully we can make up in some small part for the loss of family hand downs of traditional faith born of Scripture and the example of Godly lives. Dear Reader - We urge you to consider these basis descriptions of the Christian faith, based on Christ Jesus who was Creator of it all, who will be Judge of it all, and can be Saviour of everyone who is prepared to acknowledge Him as Lord and Master of the Universe. Further information may be found on Other Parts Of This Site - See Link below