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Biblical Prayers - No. 13


By the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ received by saving faith in him in all the Scriptures:

Lord Jesus, I praise you for your wonderful qualities of sobriety, vigilance, patience, stedfastness and watchfulness. Nobody took you by surprise. You never needed to retract one regrettable word. Men offered advice to you, but you did not need it. You tested everything by your understanding of your Father's best for you.

Lord, lest I fall into temptation, I choose to watch and pray at all times.

By grace, let the fruit of the Holy Spirit be seen in me in the display of these same virtues. Though sobriety and vigilance, when my adversary the devil tries to devour me, let me resist him stedfastly in the faith, knowing that such afflictions are common in his world.

Lord, if I count myself as an older person to be a leader among your people, let me be sober, vigilant, of good behaviour, caring for all good people. Let me be grace, temperate, full of faith and love, gracious, temperate and patient. Let the helmet of the hope of salvation guard my mind against the temptation to act precipitately when I am stressed in some way.

I know that adversity comes, but I ask you to help me to possess my soul in patience when it comes, looking for your deliverance in the fullness of time. When patience and longsuffering have their perfect work, I will enter into your joyfulness and consolation with thanksgiving.

Lord, if I count myself to be a spiritual leader, help me to watch for the souls of men. Use me to speak for yourself to those who need you, whether for salvation from sin or for the word in season which leads to life and godliness.

Lord Jesus, you are the God of all comfort, and I praise you for this. By your grace, it undergirds my vigilance and patience in this present world while I wait for your return.