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Biblical Prayers - No. 3


By the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ received by saving faith in Him in all the Scriptures:

Lord, thank you for being the mighty Victor. When you ascended to heaven after your sacrificial death and glorious resurrection, you despoiled the great evil powers of the Universe, and passed through their realm in open triumph.

Thank you that sin has no power over me, for divine grace is available to me to obtain victory over it. Therefore I reckon myself to be dead to sin, temptation and evil, and alive unto God the Father through my Lord Jesus Christ.

I choose the Spirit of power, of abiding peace, of love and of a sound mind, and refuse timidity in spiritual things, no matter what troubles may come.

Lord, you have taught me to face the troubles of this world, and given me resources to do this. You assured me that I am a super-conqueror through you. Nothing can separate me from your love and grace.

Thanks be to God the Father for wonderful victory through my Lord Jesus Christ.

Lest the world overcome me, I choose to overcome it in my Lord's way.

I confess the power of His precious blood. I testify to this power, and choose to sacrifice everything for the knowledge of my Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for the marvellous promise of divine blessing when I overcome through Christ. He gives me the tree of life eternally, and the honour of sitting with Him on His throne, for He overcame, and now sits with His Father on His throne.

Lord, all glory belongs to you, because I could not succeed like this without you. It is faith which brings the victory which overcomes. You are the object of saving faith, and the honour is yours and never mine.