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Biblical Prayers - No. 9


By the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ received by saving faith in him in all the Scriptures:

Lord, thank you for my Lord Jesus Christ, and his meekness and humility. You never fretted about anything, but trusted implicitly in your heavenly Father. And you never fought about anything, but simply taught the wonderful truths your Father gave you, no matter what contrary things unbelievers said.

Thank you, Lord, for the Bible revelation of the way you thought. You did not consider that your heavenly rank was something to be insisted upon. Rather you walked as man among men, and accepted good and evil from them. Please help me too, not to fret and not to fight. By your grace, I will behave toward others as your word teaches, keeping a low profile in dealing with others, and esteeming them better than myself. Let this thinking be in me as it was in Christ Jesus also.

Lord, by your grace, I choose modesty and gentleness. Help me to realise, contrary to the thinking of this world, that humility comes before honour, but that in your economy humility leads to riches, honour and life. If I am frustrated, help me to remember that you resist the proud, but give grace to the humble. Help me to treat everybody well.

Especially help me to remember that contention among Christians is a sign of the presence of pride, and to flee from it. Make me like a little child as far as claiming honour, status, position, preferment and rights are concerned.

Lord, I praise you exceedingly for your marvellous example of humility. I acknowledge that only full deity could condescend to behave ideally, and cope with the consequences which inevitably followed.

Nonetheless, please help me to do the best I can.