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Biblical Prayers - No. 7


By the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ received by saving faith in him in all the Scriptures:

Lord Jesus, thank you for the gracious words which came from your mouth, and which come to me through Scripture. Truly no man ever spoke as you did. As I read your word, I also marvel at the wonderful things you taught. Let me taste today that my Lord is gracious, and love as you do, for love is kind, compassionate, slow to anger and of great mercy.

Lord, I come to you as you asked me to. I lay down the burden of dead works, which cannot please you. I give up the labour of religious observance for its own sake, and which cannot draw me closer to you.

Help me to take up your light burden instead. By grace, I refuse the unequal yoke of bondage to sin and evil, and take up the gracious equal yoke of service together with you. Thank you for the expectancy of refreshment for my innermost being.

Lord, thank you for your kindness, gentleness, compassion, benevolence, goodness, mercy and loving care. Thank you for the expectancy that one day I will be like you. Help me to anticipate this by showing your qualities in me here and now. Let me speak amiably, positively and helpfully at all times, to your praise and to the benefit of others.

May your graciousness lead me to repentance at every occasion of need, so that I do not need that discipline which, for however short a time, is grievous. As the words of a wise man are gracious, expose me to many of these. But spare me the lips of the fool, for many words contain much evil.

Lord, let all worship and adoration be yours for matchless grace, and for the expression of this in gracious words and deeds, to your honour and glory. You and you only can do this in me.