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Biblical Prayers - No. 1


By the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ received by saving faith in him in all the Scriptures:

Lord Jesus, thank you for your wonderful example of grace. You have infinite riches, but made yourself poor for me, so that through the poverty of your wonderful life and sacrificial death I might become rich.

Lord, I do not ask you for grace, just as I would not ask you for a gift which you are already offering to me, because grace is a gift, and both are abundantly free. I praise you that the riches of heaven are mine without money and without price, and that I may make them mine simply by resting on the authority of your promises.

I do not presume to rely on what I think you should have promised me, or on Bible words which offer help which is different from what I need. Rather, with divine enabling, I choose to seek and find those exceedingly great and precious promises which relate particularly to my

I need for your qualities in my own life. Help me to honour you by tuning in to the precision of your dealings with me.

Thank you that grace meets all my needs for life and godliness. Where sin abounds, grace abounds the more. As opportunities for Christian testimony come along, I choose that great grace may be upon me. As interpersonal relationships challenge my patience sometimes, I look for your gracious provision so that I might overcome.

Lord, please help me to understand the wonderful way of faith. In spiritual matters, you do everything needful. Let mine be the faith of total commitment to you in terms of what you are able to do.

Lord, let the wonder of your love and grace draw from my total being the fragrance of grateful worship for your gracious provision for everything I could possibly need. Because you do it all, the fullness of glory belongs to you.