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To those who have not had the privilege of learning something of the basics of the Bible, it must indeed seem a strange idea that the new life that Christians talk about is said to come from the death of a man nearly 2000 years ago. Further, if it is more specifically stated that it was the actual shedding of His blood that is said to bring this new life, well - even the sanest of men must think that to be a bit far fetched, foolish or ridiculous!

To these things non-believers often hear added things like "Jesus paid the penalty for our sin", "Jesus died for you on the cross", and," the blood of Jesus cleanses from all sin!" What is this relationship between blood, death, sin and new life?

A brief explanation. About 1450 years before Christ, God taught the Hebrew people what we might consider were really strange things. He taught them:

  1. That because He is a God who is perfectly just, He must always punish evil deeds and reward good ones.
  2. His ultimate punishment is death - many Hebrews paid that price.
  3. Lesser sins had to be paid for ( or atoned for). In Hebrew times sin was paid for by the shedding of animal blood, mainly bulls, goats and lambs. Each year the High Priest would offer appopriate sacrifices for the forgiving of the sins of the people.

God taught them that there is no forgiveness of sin without the shedding of blood. This Old Testament principle is confirmed in the N.T. in Hebrews 9:22. This shedding of blood restored the people's relationship to and with God.

After Christ came to earth as a human being, history itself tells us that Jesus did die on a cross and was resurrected a couple of days later. Jesus Himself became the once and for all sacrifice for all people who have ever lived. He was the sacrifical lamb.

The shedding of His blood, now makes it possible for any living person who believes in Jesus and what He has done, to have a full relationship with God restored to them. Full forgiveness and all guilt can be gone, because the blood of Christ fully paid the penalty for all the sin for the whole human race.

All any of us has to do is to BELIEVE that God has made this provision, CONFESS our sin before God and promise to REPENT or turn away from it. We are then born again of the Spirit of God and have an exciting new life before us.

So, the effect of the shedding of the blood of Christ is:

  1. It enables all our sin to be forgiven.
  2. Eternal death is defeated and we have eternal life.
  3. Our confession brings cleansing and new life.

Every individual can choose this offering of new life through Christ.