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We can be rolling along through life, even enjoying it, yet we can sometimes notice a shadow of over it, an almost imperceptible darkening. The sun still shines every morning, but the cloud in or over us remains. We can blame all sorts of natural causes, but eventually that makes no sense either.

We can blame others for our dis-ease, but when we are honest, we know it is all within ourselves. No amount of external joy can hide from us the hollow emptiness we feel inside. We think that no one would understand and we hide it all within ourselves. What is this hollowness, this emptiness, this darkening, that ebbs and flows as we do our best in this wonderful life, but a life that tests our every step?

We can feel awfully foolish, especially if we are otherwise reasonably competent or clever in our work or study. How can we not know how to live this life, to live fully rather than barely survive? How can we get rid of these strange feelings?

The Bible has many amazing verses. One of them is:

"But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." From 1 Cor 2:14

So, this is saying that sometimes we may not know certain things, because they are only known if we have the Spirit of God. Even worse, this knowledge of God may seem to us to be foolish. Why does God seem to make things so difficult? The Bible tells us in many places that all the wisdom we need for life is available from God - if we belong to Him. If we do not belong to Him, then His wisdom is not available to us.

It has been said that every person has a God-shaped vacuum inside - a space that only God can fill to our satisfaction. Buying a new dress, or new car, or having a special holiday does seem to remove those hollow, darkish feelings. But we all know that they come back very soon, because only God can fill those deeper needs for us. He brings light into our being, light that fills us with real joy and shows the way to fullness of life.

So natural man - man without God - needs some introduction to the truth of God before he will be able to discern the Spirit of God. How can we be introduced to this truth we all need? Their are at least two good places to find truth. One is to read the Bible, perhaps beginning with the Book of Proverbs and the Gospel of John. Several weeks of reading just those two will bring considerable enlightenment. The other way is to ask a Christian (who you have observed is really living the life of believer) to explain the way of God to you.

As you are able to confirm these truths of God in your life and act on them, the hope that comes will bring light that dispells the emptiness and darkness. May God be with you as you go.