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Biblical Prayers - No. 11


By the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ received by saving faith in him in all the Scriptures:

Lord Jesus, I praise you because you have all power over Satan and his demons. You defeated them utterly at Calvary's cross. You triumphed over them in their own realm of the air of our world, when you ascended into heaven after you arose from among the dead. You are the mighty Victor indeed. At Calvary the prince of this world was cast out, making it possible for you to draw all men to yourself.

Lord, you defeated Satan effortlessly when you were on Earth when he tempted you in the wilderness. Help me to use your Word as you did yourself, in an apt and telling way, to defeat his temptation exactly. Help me in order that the evil attacker may leave me, as he left you. Many times the god of this age came against you, but found no acquiescence in you.

Lord, you spoke of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged. You saw Satan cast out of heaven like lightning when he fell, and his angelic followers with him. You rebuked him when he came against you in your own disciples, and they learned by which spirit they were moved. Help me to see clearly when evil threatens, and never give consent to it inside myself, as you gave no consent either.

Lord, make your people conscious of demonic tactics. Deliver us from deceit. Help us to try all spirits of whatever kind, by comparing their proposals against the plain teachings of your Word. Help us to test all teaching, and hold onto what we find is good. Thank you that he that is in us is greater than he that is in the the world.

Lord, all power and glory is yours, and in spiritual warfare it is available to us too. You must reign, until all enemies fall under your feet. Principalities and powers are subject unto you. In these things you are worthy of all praise, honour and adoration, and these I delight to give to you again today.