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Christianity is a relationship with the most important person who ever lived. It is a relationship with the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords. It is truly a relationship with God Himself. Jesus should be seen as a brother, friend, Saviour and Lord.

Christianity is not a church although Christians go to church.

Christianity is a religion, but what is a religion?. Commonly, a religion is viewed as an organised group of people, such as a church, who have common religious, spiritual views and aims. However, the Christian religion is based simply on a relationship with Christ. But there is still more to it than that.

In its more basic form, a religion is the human recognition of a personal God who has superhuman controlling power and who is entitled to your obedience. So by recognising the divine characteristics of Jesus and treating Him as a personal God with great power, a person is in effect describing the nature of a relationship with Him as God.

You cannot refer to yourself as a Christian, unless you have a friendship or relationship with Jesus.

Being a Christian is not like joining a club, as the membership of the Christian family is entered into initially by establishing this relationship with Jesus. You cannot really become a member of a church without having a relationship with Jesus. The relationship comes first and the membership of a church second.

You can of course go to church without being a Christian or a member of the church. Most of us did that so we could learn what the Christian Faith was all about. After we decided to become a Christian by having a relationship with Jesus Christ, we may have then decided to join a church group.

Another clue to Christianity being based on a relationship with Jesus Christ is the name Christ-ianity - it is based on the name Christ. Those who are in Christ are called Christians. Christian were first called Christians in Antioch, when, because they gathered together in the name of Christ, they were called Christians.

Similar things could be said about other religions where the name of the religion is based on the name of the founder of the religion. However, it is there that the similarity ends, because Christianity has some very unique features. Christianity is the only religion that has a book which tells of God's history and actions over many centuries, relating this as to how we should live. It is also the only religion that has a founder who has shown He has defeated death. Christ of course did that by virtue of His historically recorded resurrection from death.

So, to be in touch with and have a relationship with the true God who created all things, establish a relationship with Jesus and become a Christian. How this is done is explained in various other places on this World Wide Web site of Fullness of Life in Christ.