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Christianity is not isolated to just a few parts of the world, but is a world wide faith, which enables people of all race and colour to participate in Christianity, the having of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Christianity, although referred to as a Faith or a Religion is primarily a relationship with Jesus. The church groups that meet together are the result of many individuals having that relationship with Jesus Christ.

Over the centuries, Christianity moved out from its place of inception in the Middle East and Europe to all other Western countries. In earlier centuries, England and Europe were the strongholds of the faith. As time passed and opportunity came they took their faith to countries such as North America and Australia. Missionary activity took the faith into non-western countries such as Africa. The spread of the Faith has now moved into all other countries and is thriving in many, particularly in Sth. America, Africa and parts of Asia.

Patterns of growth around the world vary greatly and the expressions of the churches faith are also very different. Throughout the world, new life in Christ is expressed in many different cultures and many different languages.

Christianity is a life which can never be totally suppressed. It has arisen out of the ashes of the Communism of China and Russia. It continues to transform the lives of people who then help to transform the societies in which they live.

Because all the peoples of any entire country may not embrace Christianity the church has had to being a community within society, attempting to live our here and now, a life which anticipates the ending of the present world and the coming of the new heavens and new earth, promised in Scripture.

Try not to be influenced by those in the world who pour cold water on anything Christian. They just have not found out the truth yet. Jesus has said that those who stand firm in their belief are those who will inherit eternal life in the kingdom of God.

Also, do not be influenced by what looks ( in part ) to be a poor showing of God s Church in the world today. The church has many weaknesses but God has not. It is God s Church and He will prevail, despite the struggles of his people here on earth. More important than all the weaknesses, all the hypocrisy and sin within His people, are the eternal truths that stand. Judge God and what he can do by what He says in the Bible, not by the struggles of His people here on earth. Not matter what man does to help or hinder, God will prevail forever.