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Spiritual truths for you.

You will know by now that most of the stories in Part One refer to various pieces of information which come from the Holy Bible. This second part of the book provides brief explanations of ten of those areas in the Bible that may not be generally known by readers who have not studied or read the Bible very much. Let's face it, not everyone has the chance!

Many readers may not have had the opportunity to study the Bible at any depth. Others, even though they have done some reading of the Bible May have not understood some of the very important issues which have a bearing on the issues of everyday life.

Much of the information here may be new to you, or expressed in ways that you may not have previously heard. It is not new information, because it has been available to man for hundreds of years in the form of the holy bible. However, although the Bible is the world's best selling book, it is not always easily read and understood by those who buy it.

The truths expressed in the Bible, particularly in the New Testament, are able to set man free from many of the things that beset him. The issues covered in these ten chapters, because they are Biblical truth, provide the basic information that you need to begin to set you free from anything that besets you. I hope this will be your experience.