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Putting it all together

If reading this book has been as exciting to read as it has been to write, then perhaps your curiosity has been aroused. You may even be expectant as to what is coming next.

This section of the book is to help you to put it all together. Part one of the book ( Chapters 1-12) was to help you to see how all your needs may be met in Jesus Christ, whilst Part Two ( Chapters 13-23 ) was to expand your knowledge of spiritual things to help you understand Part One even better. However, this third section of the book is where you need to sum up your attitude to all that has been said and decide what to do about it.

Only three chapters remain in this book. As a whole, these are to provide you with information to enable you to make to make the right decision for God, and to become a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. Even if you do not think this is what you will do about it, read it anyway, as your learning and understanding will increase.

The first of these chapters is to help you with some common problems that happen to some people at this stage of their learning. Firstly, it deals with the putting aside of some human logic that sometimes gets in the way. Secondly, it deals with possible attempts by opposing spiritual forces to get you away from reading this and doing anything about it. Finally, it encourages you to seek God, as this is the only way he can be found.

The second of these chapters is the action chapter. It explains the how of making a commitment to God and provides the right scriptures to help you to do this. The last chapter gives some ideas on what to do when you become a believer. What is now happening with you is only the beginning of a marvellous new journey through the rest of your life. May God be with you as you Escape into life!