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Who should read this book?


This book has been written for people who, for one reason or another, have never had the opportunity to know and accept that Jesus Christ is the basis for all human life. They may have searched high and low for meaning to their life, been led up all manner of dead-end paths, but never has the truth of God's plan for people on this earth ever been revealed to them.

God's truth has to be searched for in the right places and there are so many spiritual alternatives offered these days, it is no wonder that the real truth can be hard to find. Not that it has been hidden, because the bible has been easily available in western countries for hundreds of years. This book does not reveal any new things, but simply reflects w hat the bible has been saying for all of that time.

It is easily observable that some churchgoers do not have the full truth either. Perhaps because of poor understanding or poor teaching, they May not know the entire message of the bible and what it can mean for them in their life. The message of the bible is a message of life and death, of well-being or calamity. This book gives a simple explanation of the bible and shows the practical ways that the gospel of Jesus Christ can help every living person. Many people will benefit from reading this book including:

Anyone who is interested in what has been said so far.

Anyone seeking real meaning to their life.

Churchgoers who are not certain of their status with God, or who know they have not been born again, or don't know what ' born again ' means.

People who once knew God, but have slipped away from a proper relationship with him.

People who have never heard what Christianity is all about.

People for whom life is a bit of a struggle.

People who have been involved with some form of religion or sect other than Christianity.

Christian who have doubts.

Clever people who have lived mainly on their intellect.

All forms of no hopers i.e. by their own assessment.

Perhaps anyone!

If you fall into one or two of these groups, then the few hours it takes to read this book would be the best investment of your time you could ever make. As the title says, you can have the opportunity to "Escape into life."