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Do you want to Escape into Life?

Part One. What are the concerns of your life?

The answers to some of the needs or problems in your life may be here.

Introduction, Forewords and Contents.

1. What's your life about?

2. How's your spouse?

3. How's your sex life?

4. Which way are your kids going?

5. Can you really love most people?

6. Who manages your time and money?

7. What is the basis of your health?

8 N.A

9. Where do you get your kicks? Drugs? Sex? Alcohol?

10. Ever been tempted by suicide?

11. Feeling lonely or alone?

12 Do your change easily?

Part Two. Spiritual truths and you.

Spiritual truth is not general knowledge.

This part will further your knowledge about spiritual things.

The importance of the Ten Commandments given to Moses

13. The woe of human nature.

14. You and God - God's opinion of you.

15. The Bible - the only truth you need to know

16. God and human history - from beginning to end.

17. The relevance of sin and forgiveness.

18 N.A.

19. Salvation, eternal life, heaven, death and hell.

20. The unity and trinity of God.

21. Understanding God's ways.

22. The power of God.

23. Angels and demons.

Part Three Putting it all together.

24. Getting past man's human reasoning and logic.

25. Having fullness of life restored.

26. Next steps.