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Chapter 9

Where do you get your kicks?


Drugs, alcohol, sex?

It is common knowledge that alcohol and drugs ruin many lives and families. Death also results from both, with drugs being the faster killer, although alcohol is no less devastating in its physical effects. It is ironic that governments get taxes from their sale, which are then used to fund assistance for the health and social problems that result from their use. We really live in a crazy society!

Why do people need alcohol or drugs?

The widespread use of alcohol and drugs to excess, indicates that man has spiritual and psychological needs that are not being met, so that drugs and alcohol are used to provide a substitute for the reality of the son of God. But they are temporary and unfulfilling, compared with the peace and fulfilment that God can bring.

Frequently, the problems of adults and their involvement in alcohol and drugs stem from their childhood experience. Children are often victims of the early circumstances of their lives, where there were physical or emotional abuses, or deficiencies of love in their family relationships. This in turn causes personality problems, such as low self esteem. Drugs and alcohol are used to try to make up the difference. Anything to try and feel good. Continued use results in addiction, and addiction brings every other imaginable problem. Alby and Rosie are examples of this type of background.

Alby and Rosie

This story will be an inspiration to any person who is an alcoholic or drug addict, and it will provide hope to any whose lives are being wrecked by their bondage to drugs, alcohol or sex. Although you may find it hard to believe, Alby and Rosie are now living vibrant and fulfilling lives, have three children of their own and have fostered many others. Allow yourself to be excited by what God has now done in their lives. Let us first hear from Alby.


" I was one of 5 children, living in a poor family in new zealand. When I was 5 my dad was accidentally killed, and I became very angry, missing his love greatly. Growing up became very complicated. I had a sexual relationship with my sister and was on hard drugs by age 14. My mother could not cope with the mess and sent me to live with my grandparents in a country area in Australia.

However, I began to live in a flat with a friend and the drug taking continued, now being topped up with alcohol. To maintain the drug habit I became a distributor. In my search for a meaning to life, I also became involved in the practices of eastern religions. I became more and more mixed up. At age 20 when my girlfriend was pregnant, I met Rosie, who was later to be my wife."

Rosie .

" My father and mother were married at ages 14 and 15 respectively. They and their extended families had lived in most unfortunate circumstances, having experienced many social disasters. Life for me was one big mess. It wasn't long before I was living with my grandmother. However, there wasn't enough food around, so I became a prostitute at the age of 12. I can remember not having enough food. I also had a sexual relationship with my brother.

I was picked up by police for my prostitution and finished up in psychiatric care for 9 years. A lot of good that did me! Also, from age 15, alcohol had been a major part of my diet. I needed to feel good somehow. When I was 17 I fell pregnant and got married. Nothing changed, except everything got worse. I became a child beater and my son suffered badly. I did not work and suffered abortions and miscarriages. Looking back, I wonder how I survived. Then I met Alby. He didn't know then, but I was in great financial debt."


It is an irony of life that when things go wrong in a life, they often get worse. In the lives of Alby and Rosie this was certainly the case. In both cases, the early difficulties led directly to more problems of both similar and different kinds. Problems of family breakup, lack of care, wrong sexual relationships, drugs and alcohol, all compound themselves into problems of relationships and the resultant social difficulties of lack of money and work.

Alby continues.

" When Rosie and I met, we really fell for each other in a big way. Some of the things we did to other people though, were really terrible. I just dumped my girlfriend as I would an old pair of shoes. I look back now and wonder how I could have done it. Rosie and I married and had 13 separations in the next 8 years. We both had affairs. It was a big undesirable mess.

During one of our separations, Rosie had the kids in a women's refuge. Following that, they were fostered out into a church family. Rosie thought they were weird because they talked about Jesus. This made her angry, especially when her young daughter came home and told her about Jesus. However, through the influence of the foster parents, Rosie eventually committed her life to Jesus Christ. From that day she has not had any desire for alcohol. God completely removed the desire from her. However, the next day she was sent to hospital with a strange case of poisoning in her blood."


Anger can occur when people first hear about Jesus. It is caused by demons influencing the life of the person, demons who don't want to hear about their main enemy, Jesus Christ. The hospital visit was almost certainly caused by these same demons attacking Rosie after her commitment to Jesus.

Rosie again.

" Because of my commitment, God began to speak to me through his spirit, telling me that if I mended my relationship with my mother, he would mend my family and Alby would return. I did that and Alby did return. We both believe that God drew him back. I found it amazing, and still do, that God will speak to the likes of me. That just demonstrates his love."


" Because of my involvement with eastern religion I had been and still was greatly influenced by satanic spirits. I wanted to find God but I didn't have the power to break with satan. But God didn't let up on me. Within the space of one day when I was hitchhiking, God provided two cars driven by born again Christian believers. After this, while I was meditating, God spoke clearly to me and I was drawn home to Rosie. Not many days later, the foster care family helped me commit my life to Jesus."

The power of God.

The Bible tells us that the power of God is greater than the power of satan and his demons. This explains how God was able to draw Alby away from these demonic influences. Although he was far from free from them, his openness to God was a factor in him being led in the right direction. If you the reader have similar difficulties, then take heart, God can help you too. Alby and Rosie continue.

Alby and Rosie

" When we got back together again, we tried hard to love each other, but we could not. Hate was the most frequently expressed emotion. It was very difficult. But God is changing all that. We now have a real regard for each other and can express genuine love. This can only come from God. With the lives we have lived, it has been hard to learn to live in new ways, relying on God's help for everything. It takes time and patience.

God led us into helping homeless and lost kids in a home provided by a local church. In the last two years, we have seen the lives of over 40 people change because of their coming to know Jesus. If you are a non believer we can tell you - Jesus works! We now have love, joy, peace and everything that's good, all amidst the difficulties of life.

God has rescued us from disaster and lives that would have ended in early death. Now we have life through the spirit of God. It's great! Because God rescued us, we are going to live the rest of our life for God, doing exactly what he says. Nothing else is worthwhile. We realise how fragile life is and how men and women are so weak and pitiful. We need God and cannot do without him. We will love him and serve him forever."

Jesus makes the difference.

Can you imagine a worse scenario than the earlier lives of this couple? The message is clear. No matter what the problem of life, disaster, or sin, life is again possible, but only through knowing Jesus. Not everyone is as fortunate as Alby and Rosie. Many alcoholics, drug addicts and sexual deviants don't make it. They either die early or live empty lives, often dragging others down with them.

Having heard this story, you the reader now have the advantage of knowing that a change is possible, whether it be for you personally, or for a friend or relation. Give them this book to read in order to give them hope. Getting to know Jesus is explained in Chapter 25.

What this chapter has said.

  1. The use of drugs or alcohol can be the result of deficiency of love and care in childhood.
  2. God can rescue anyone from addiction to drugs, alcohol or sexual deviancy, as he did with Alby and Rosie.
  3. The power of God can help anyone to overcome the power of Satan.
  4. Persistence and cooperation with God is necessary to come out of any addiction .