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Chapter 7

What is the basis of your health?


How healthy are we today?

Not very! How many readers have had any of the following in the last two years? High blood pressure, migraine headache, insomnia, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, arthritis, gastro-enteritis, heart disease, cancer, emotional turmoil, psychiatric disorders or ulcers.

To such a modern day list we would have to add sexually transmitted diseases. It's great if you do not have any of these. If you want to do your best to avoid them, then read on.

Need health cost as much?

Today, there is a high financial cost in relation to keeping good health, as well as there being a very high cost in suffering when we are ill. Today, good health ls big business! Many people are prepared to spend considerable parts of their income, just to improve or maintain their health. Whether it be fitness centres, health foods, stress management courses, vitamins, minerals, or alternative medicines and therapies, health is big business and becoming bigger.

Also, governments such as ours in Australia that maintain a universal health care scheme, are reeling under the present cost, let alone the mammoth cost increases expected over the next 5 years. Health costs money and there are plenty of opportunists who will seize any chance to make a dollar.

Moreover, a visit to institutions involved in health care reveals the high cost in personal suffering, despite the wonderful health care specialists we have and the advances in modern medical science. People still suffer!

Is there another way?

But need it be that way? Should we have to go to these lengths to have good health? Are there any other means known to mankind? Answer. No, it need not be that way! We do not have to go to those lengths! Yes, there are other means known to mankind!

Is it being said that there is no need for any of the resources, facilities and strategies that society provides for health care? Emphatically no! It is a matter of degree. What is being said is that there are other means known to mankind that can prevent much ill health from occurring. It is the focus of this chapter to explain this in simple terms.

The answer in brief.

The answer has two aspects, one to do with the positive, the other with the negative. The positive side says that you are more likely to be healthy if you are a believer in Jesus Christ. Biblical experience would confirm that. Elisha was one of the very few Biblical saints to die when ill. The explanation of this positive side is as follows.

When God made man, he made him with a human spirit, a soul and a body. It was his intention to provide man with fullness of life through the provision of his holy spirit. But if you have read Chapter 16 on world history, you will know that man lost that ability to receive the fullness of God's spirit when the first man and woman sinned and were deprived by God of that Spirit which had lived in them. It was only after Jesus came to earth, that it was again possible to have the Holy Spirit fully dwelling in mankind.

The importance of this spirit of God is found in the Bible in many places. In one particular place the Bible tells us that the Spirit gives life. ( John 6:63. ) this means that the effect of having the spirit of God dwell within you, is that the benefits of God's Spirit flow to the human spirit, soul and body. All other things being equal, the human body not having the spirit of God within it, will not be as well sustained as one with it. Remember, the Spirit of God gives life in its fullness.

For the Christian believer, strength, energy and maintenance of the body comes from the internal resource of the Spirit of God, as well as from food and drink that enter him from external sources. That is to say, spiritual strength comes from the fullness of God's Spirit on the inside, giving life to the man and his body. The non believer tends to work the other way around. He acts on his beliefs which are based in the realm of the senses, where food, drink and exercise are the primary ways his soul and body are maintained. And for him that is true, because he does not have the fullness of God's Spirit strengthening him as the believer does.

So unbelievers tend to focus on the visible and the external, whilst believers will focus more on the invisible and internal, to gain the benefits of the spiritual blessings that flow from God as a result of having the Spirit of God within them.

The other and negative side, is firstly, that people who are not believers in Jesus Christ are more likely to be involved in sin. This is so, because an unbeliever does not have such a deep knowledge of sin and might be involved in sin without even knowing it. Secondly, if you do not have victory over sin through the presence of the Holy Spirit, then you are much more likely to sin anyway. Thirdly, if you are involved in sinning, then you are likely to be less healthy because sin generally brings sickness, ill health and even death. The following case is an examples of these principles.

Without the spirit of God.

Jeff was not a believer and over a long period of time became involved in deep sinful behaviour of many types. He did not realise that there was a relationship between sin and health and wondered what was happening to him. He sought all manner of help for his physical and mental condition but nothing ever really helped. He just got worse and worse, despite help from his friends. He was on drugs, was unable to work and was desperate for an answer.

With the spirit of God.

Because of the influence of a close friend who was a Christian and who demonstrated considerable love towards him, jeff began to show some interest in Godly things. After some months he decided to trust God with his life and committed his life to Jesus Christ. Jeff's health problems did not go immediately, but he began to have some hope because he found out that God can heal by the power of his Holy Spirit. Jeff was provided with some very special Christians who knew about such things. They prayed with him and for him. Gradually, as the Spirit of God worked in him, his health began to return. A further benefit was that he was able to begin to form new friendships and have much more social contact than before.

Jeff began to learn how to keep clear of sinful circumstances and so was now not so easily ensnared in sinful behaviour. As he trusted God for his healing and health he was granted it, but always in God's own time. Jeff is now back working and has a full life in every respect.

He could not have had this renewal without the spirit of God in him. This is available for anyone who is prepared to trust in God, including you, if you have not already begun to do so. Part 3 of this book on page 139 tells you where to begin.

God knows best.

If you are not already convinced by what has been said, then you should know that what science has found out about health, God already told the hebrew people about 3400 years ago. Dr S.I. McMillen, a Christian medico has written extensively about these things. Consider just a few brief examples.

1. In the early 1900's it was noticed that Jewish women had much less cancer of the cervix than all other women. In 1954, a study showed that non Jewish women had a rate of cancer of the cervix of over eight times that of Jewish women. This is the result of God's instruction to abraham to circumcise Jewish men. This meant that bacteria was not so freely passed during intercourse. ( God had other reasons for the circumcision too, but this was one of the effects) ( Mcmillen p 1920.)

2. God told abraham to circumcise on the eighth day after birth. Scientists have since discovered that this is the day when the blood clotting element of vitamin k is the highest, thus limiting the possibility of excessive bleeding. (McMillan p 21-23.)

3. God knew that there would be a high cost to our minds and bodies if and when we wanted to retaliate or get even with someone. So, when Jesus came, he told us to forgive others when they hurt us, so that we do not go through the emotional turmoil that causes problems in the mind and then body. McMillen tells the story of how he was able to show a college student that it was his grudge against someone that was causing his stomach problem. McMillen p. 72-73.)

These are just a sample of the many examples that could be given about God' s knowledge of man. The point of all this, is that because God created man he knows what is best for him. We all need to follow all of God's prescriptions for all things in our life. The first step towards that is to get to know Jesus. A Christian brother of mine who lived for many years as a devotee to an eastern religion testifies that he always used to be ill, but for the 12 years he has known Jesus he has rarely been ill.

Healing your body, soul and spirit.

You might be asking the question as to what God might be able to do for you by way of healing your body, soul or spirit. Although Jeff's healing has been mentioned here, most of what has been said has been in terms of preventative measures rather than healing of a body that has broken down. The good news is that it is possible to have God heal your problem and that if it is his will for you for that to happen, then he will heal you as you have appropriate prayer for your particular problem.

Healing in the soul area is possible with respect to fear, rejection, compulsive behaviour, from the effects of bad memories and many similar things. Moreover, miraculous healings in the body are also possible. God in fact has promised to look after our whole spirit, soul and body. So, in coming to know Jesus Christ you then have the possibility of healing for yourself.

Good health to you!

As in all other parts of this first section of the book that deals with the common problems of mankind, the answer is always the same. Getting to know Jesus is the first step in you being able to maintain better health. May God be with you as you go.

What this chapter has said.

  1. Good health can be costly.
  2. God has other ways for man to approach good health.
  3. The spirit of God in a person helps them to maintain good health.
  4. Sinful thinking, speaking and behaviour leads to sickness.
  5. God knew about health, long before scientists made some of their discoveries.
  6. Knowing Jesus is the first step towards better health and healing for you .