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Chapter 14

You and God - God's view of you


God is love! Yes, the emphasis is on the second word of this text that some of us May have received at sunday school many years ago. This doesn't just mean that God loves us, but that he is so full of love, that the Bible says that he is love. The Bible goes even further and says that God first loved us and that he is the source of all love.

It is this love from God that forms the basis for man's relationship with God. Without it no part of the relationship that God can have with man would be possible. It is this love that God has for man that has prompted God to do so many things for him. A proper relationship with God is the most important relationship that man can have and is the best basis for all other human relationships.

Before we can fully explore this relationship, we need to look at how God looks at man and the relationship that he desires to have with him. Therefore, in this Chapter it will be explained how God sees man, what God has done for man, the character of God, and the response that God hopes will come from every human being on this earth.

Firstly however, let us go back to the three men in the story told in Chapter 1. Did God love them all the same, or one more than another? What the Bible would say is that John, Jim and Eddie all had the same opportunity to receive God's love. What is meant by that is that God's love and strength would have flowed equally to all three, had they all responded in the same way. Eddie however, was the only one who had a real knowledge of God's word in the bible and was prepared to be obedient to it. Jim, after he found that disobedience didn't work and he gained some knowledge of God's ways of behaving, also found that God's love was available to him.

This love is available to all men and women who are prepared to believe in Jesus. You in your life have the same opportunity as eddie to participate in all the goodness of the love of God and gain eternal life in the process. See Chapter 19 of the book for an explanation of salvation and eternal life. Also, if you are having difficulty with the importance of the bible in all of this, then you may like to pause here and read Chapter 15, which explains the absolute certainty of the truth of the bible.

What God has done for man.

God's attitude towards man is best judged by what God has done for man in the past and what he has promised to do now and in the future. Let us take the historical past first. The bible tells us in its first book, that in the beginning God created the heavens, the earth, man, woman and everything else on the earth.

So God is the creator of all things. Many other parts of the Bible confirm this fact. A beautiful poetic verse that describes part of these events comes from the book of Job. It says that " he ( meaning God ) marks out the horizon on the face of the waters for a boundary between light and darkness." Who else but almighty God could be given the credit for such a powerful creative act?

God's further acts of creation on earth for the human race still to come, were in providing animals, birds, fish and plants. His ultimate creation was that of man. In an incredible act of love he created man " in his own image." In other words, God so loved his new creation that he made man to be all the best of what he was himself. Think about that!

You and I were created to have a nature just like God himself. Just why things didn't work out as initially planned is explained in Chapters 13 and 16. God showed further loving kindness by granting man rule and dominion over all the earth and all things on it. Imagine a God who gives all this to his newly created man, with only simple obligations on man's part to respond in the way that God desired.

Furthermore, God gave the hebrew people rules to live by. We have known them as the ten commandments. Because God is our creator, he knows the best way to live and it is a wise man or woman who tries to do things his way. God also gave other guidelines for healthy living which medical science has only discovered in the last century. Refer back to Chapter 7 for details.

The Bible and Chapter 16 of this book, tell us man went against God's ways, and with disastrous results. So much so, that God in his mercy, decided to perform the most incredible act in all of human history. He decided to send his own son to earth in an attempt to offer man another opportunity to save himself from his own foolish actions.

This is the degree to which God loves man. The Bible, in probably what is its most well known verse, puts it very clearly in John 3:16.

" For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

God as Father.

One of the main images of God in the Bible is as Father, and it is in this respect that we can see one aspect of the true character of God. Firstly, God sees anyone who believes in Jesus to be his child. ( John 1 :12.) imagine that! All believers in Jesus are considered to be children of God, because if we believe in Jesus, God the Father then considers us to be his children. What is being said here is that this creator, who provides for all our needs, is also our spiritual father if we believe in Jesus. That's the sort of relationship that God provides for all believers! The steps to believing in Jesus are shown in Chapter 25.

This God, who is creator and provider, also demonstrates many other wonderful characteristics. Consider all these aspects of His character. Firstly, God is a living being in Spirit form. ( See Chapter 20 ) he endures forever, has all power at his disposal, has no limitations of any kind and has complete knowledge about everything. Furthermore, as Father, he is friend, teacher, comforter, defender and forgiver of all our wrongdoing and disciplines us when necessary. Above all, He is patient, merciful, generous and wise, always knowing what is best for us.

God's promises.

In addition to what God has done for us, and his wonderful Fatherly nature, he has made his children many promises. In fact, the Bible is stacked with them. All of God's promises would easily fill a 100 page book, far too many to tell you about here. Here are just three of them.

In Psalm 9 :12, it tells us that he does not ignore the prayers of men in trouble when they call to him for help. (See page 126) also, in Romans 8:38 - 39 we are told that nothing in all creation can ever separate us from God's love. So we do not have to worry overmuch about the concerns of this world, because we have the love of God. Finally, we are told by Jesus that the father is preparing a place where we will spend our eternal life. (John 14:2).

God's view of man.

So we can have a God who provides us with our very life, a plentiful planet on which to live, and rules by which to live. He also provided Jesus to turn the tide of history for us, a fatherly attitude to those who believe in him and promises about protection and care, both on earth and in our future eternal life. What more could we ever want of anyone? God loves us all so much, that he does all this for us as evidence of the relationship he wants to have with us. This love is freely available to us all.

What this chapter has said.

  1. God loves man so much that he created man to be just like Himself.
  2. God provided the earth for man to live on, with all its wonderful provisions, and gave him dominion over it.
  3. When man disobeyed God, Jesus was eventually sent to make it possible for man to be able to be saved from sin and eternal death.
  4. God has made many promises to men and women who believe in Jesus, assuring them of their present and future well being.
  5. Every man and woman on earth has the opportunity to participate in a wonderful relationship with God by taking the initial step of believing in Jesus. See Chapter 25 for details.