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Chapter 10

Ever been tempted by suicide?


When it all gets too much and life is just too difficult, some people turn to thoughts of ending it all. It's called suicide; the taking of one's own life. Statistics show that suicide is increasing, particularly among young people.

If you have ever been in that position, or you are there right now, then this chapter will give you a real boost. There is another way! Joy ( not her real name) is now a very special personal friend and her story is well worth hearing. It's an amazing story of courage and perseverance against everything bad that life can serve up. Joy is going to speak for herself.

" I had a very unhappy childhood and was sexually abused by my father and my brother from about the age of five. My mother didn't really take much notice of me, or ever show any love and affection, but she did give considerable attention to my brother. During my teenage years the sexual abuse continued. I can remember at least 5 other men outside the family also sexually abusing me. One bright spot happened in my life when i was 13 when I was introduced to Christianity and gave my life to Jesus. A kind old lady from a Baptist church helped me to do this. ( The step joy took was the same as that in Chapter 25.)

No one really liked me and I became so depressed that I had a mental breakdown in my late teens. I don't think I would have had the breakdown if my family had been able to love and care for me. The next 5 years of my life were terrible. Things just got worse and worse. I was taking over 20 drugs each day and was bombed right out of my mind. I was so desperate that I tried many times to take my own life. There were also times when I felt like killing other people. That really scared me!

Looking back, I can see that God must have been protecting me from worse things happening to me. At the time however, there was no relief from the deep pain and distress. Nothing the psychiatric system did ever helped me. I was going to church a bit, but never really considered that Jesus would be able to heal and deliver me from my distress."

This is a common state even for believers in extreme difficulty, because of the overpowering reality of the problem. However, God has a way of getting through, as joy now explains.

" People had told me that God can do anything and that all things are possible through Christ. I thought well,... what have I got to lose! So I prayed something like this. If it's true lord, about what those people have said to me, that you can do miracles, then let something happen in my life. Let something happen in my life, do something now. I'm desperate!'

Within 3 weeks God answered this prayer and the doctors took me off the drugs. He healed and delivered me of many past hurts and within 3 months I was living independently in my own flat, without any psychiatric help. Doctors and friends couldn't believe the change. They said to me, ' you've gone off like a rocket joy, what's happened?'

There have been other ups and downs, but I have decided I will never leave God or my church again. God has continued to work in my life. Last year he even healed me of much of the epilepsy I used to experience! I have such faith in my God. I just want to glorify my Jesus as lord of my life and help other people to come to know him too."

Isn't that just the most wonderful story! Joy is such an encouragement to any person she meets. She just shines with the radiance of Jesus. She has no hangups about possessions, or money, or fame, or similar worldly things. Because of her experience of the lord delivering her from the consequences of poor parenting, incest and sexual abuse, drugs and suicide attempts, she has learned to trust him with every part of her life.

Your story and your problems might be worse than joy's or perhaps not as bad. It doesn't matter. God can help you too. Notice how joy got her help. She was desperate and asked God - even only half believing! God always hears and responds to an earnest and truthful heart.

In Joy's case suicide attempts were just a part of the story. We know that when a person is a Victim of incest or sexual abuse, demons can enter that person and begin to dominate their lives, causing many more difficulties. This is what probably happened with Joy because she was showing distinct signs of demonic influence in her life. Psychiatry cannot cure this because it deals with only body and soul, the human spirit not being adequately recognised.

Only the spirit of God can cure such things. When does he do this? When you ask him and continue to ask. Being connected with even one member of a church that understands these things really helps in the early stages. If you need this sort of help keep searching for a church to help with any problems you may have. Help was there for Joy. It's available for you too.

One of the first steps you would need to make is explained in part three of the book ( Chapters 24-26 ). Why not have a look at it now?

What this chapter has said.

  1. Statistics show that the rate of suicide is increasing.
  2. Sexual abuse, lack of love and affection was a factor in causing Joy's attempts at suicide.
  3. Depression and over prescriptions of psychiatric drugs tended to exaggerate Joy's sense of hopelessness.
  4. Prayer to God works.
  5. Jesus can heal many things.