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These links are a collection of cautions and warnings to inform about our future. They are a mixture of Biblical, spiritual, economic and financial topics that will affect us all.

Other links will be added as information becomes important. So check often.


Jonny Cash Video Timely Warning on Second Coming of Christ

The Feast of Trumpets   What the church (and everyone else!) needs to know
“Enoch Lavender teaches on the Jewish Feast of Trumpets and emphasis the its relationship with The Last Trumpet heralding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to this world. An important study for everyone to hear”

The 5 Catalysts that will trigger a World Economic collapse
What the Intelligence Community Fears

Decoding the Future  Overview of new video documentar

Goal of cashless society has started  War on cash

The most important video about you will see about  Israel.

Evolution not true  Evolution's Achilles’ heel

Dear Mr. Atheist   Evolution destroyed in 3 minutes

John Ankerberg  Christians are delivered from God's Wrath

Evolution has been proven right? - Wrong!

John Ankerberg  OT Prophecy says Jesus is coming again SOON!

Greg Canavan in Albert Park  Preparing for Recession

Jim Rickards for the Daily Reckoning - The Perfect Storm Approaches