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2016 Events and Comments

pdfWhatever happened to worship?
A short study of parts of book by A.W. Tozer

pdfA Bible Study on 1 John - The First Epistle of John
Where and when did John write this letter?
St John wrote the book in Ephesus, most likely in the years A.D. 90 – 95, just before his death.

The eternal perspective of Peter The Apostle


Unit 18 The essential key to believing and understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Even if the Gospel of Jesus Christ is believed and understood, there is a doorway and a depth to it that is not often known. It is the key to living the Christian life.
In this 35 minute teaching, the audio covers the importance of Israel in the world, then goes on to state the importance of the scriptural principle of Union Life in Christ, where both Jesus and Paul talk of Oneness of believers with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. After that the stages of the Christian life are mentioned, an essential piece of knowledge to then believe and live out in the form of Fullness of Life in Jesus Christ.

Audio: http://www.itstime-now.com/fullness/18gospelkey.mp3